Hatred and the avoidance of pain

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“Had he been good at maths or perhaps found his math teacher interesting, his mind would’ve found it unnecessary to generate hatred“

Makes me think a lot of our hatred growing up is developed from circumstance

Imo adults need to get past their hatred

It’s part of wisdom, acceptance that is.

But we aren’t raised to be wise, we’re raised to compete. To make it in the world.

There’s a bumper sticker I like that says, “Hatred is not a family value.”
I think the main cause of hatred might be being hated in our childhood.
Someone today (here) said it is easier to hate than to love. (It was @Jonnybegood )


Having to deal with idiots definitely causes hatred.

I usually say I hate people if I can’t trust them. In my mind I’m like ‘ I hate this person’, but in real life I really don’t give a f**. I’m far too laidback and chill to be hating, it takes a lot of work.

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This quote comes to mind:

“I’m not like other people. I can’t stand pain . It hurts me.” ~ Daffy Duck


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