Where does hatred come from?

Does it always come from self-hatred?

No - in my discussions and work with psychologists (Cognitive Behavioral Psychologists) - they believe that hatred (or what might also just be called “extreme anger” directed at a person) comes from extreme (black and white/ all or nothing) thinking, and a “blaming” perspective and at the same time they think they are being devalued. For example someone might make the mistake of thinking that someone is all bad because they did one bad act - and therefore “hate” that person.

Here is more information about this theory:


I couldn’t follow all he said but he seems to make sense. I caught the feeling devalued and threatened…I wish my mind worked

pob, when you talk about hatred coming from self-hatred I’m not sure what you are referring to. Could you give an example?

Do you mean like projecting one’s unwanted impulses onto another? (eg. other people are loud and I really want to be loud and out of control but I won’t let myself so I hate them out of envy because I don’t like the way I am?) (If that makes any sense.)

I had a lot of hate in my heart when I was angry and alone and scared. I hated all the people who seemed to have it better then I did. I hated a lot of things I didn’t understand. I really hated the staff and the doctors at the hospital. I didn’t understand what they were doing to me or why.

I also had a lot of fear and that sort of felt like it went with the hate.

I also think hate comes from intolerance and unwillingness to get the real story.

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its not good to hate, we should forgive everyone and everything in our lives

i think it is amazing what the power of forgiveness can do

and also repentance but idk much about repentance


Some people are not good at taking blame for their actions, they like to project and deflect. It’s easier for these people to blame others, because for whatever reason they cannot deal with emotion and self reflection. It is easier to hate and blame others than to fix themselves and heal - very sad indeed


I hate when my mind doesn’t work. It is always followed by guilt.

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I think I’m seeing this play out in full living colour. It’s a nice idea to forgive, but it’s very hard to forgive right away.

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I think this is what’s been happening to me lately. Someone says something I perceive as a threat. But I can’t think about it + sort it out.f. And I get mad at myself for not being able to think. It’s worse when the other ‘party’ includes more than one person. I’m out numbered + two are better than one so logically I’m wrong. I don’t think that , but I can’t figure out my own viewpoint. So f— them. And me, too. They’re together and I’m alone.

I never knew hatred until I knew injustice personally.

It made me an instant monster until I learned to harness the feeling it made by listing all that applied, I called that list:

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