Has sz decreased your humor?

I never really thought about it. I think it has made my sense of humor change. It’s more bitter.

i lost my sense of humour for a long time, it came back though thank god (and i’m still discovering it just now)


I began laughing at my symptoms several years ago. I called 2013 a year of laughing dangerously. Some days I am out of control with the laughter. I believe this is a symptom of insanity. I know how I laugh and laugh at my laughing. I can’t appear in public.

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My mom she laughs at odd random stuff I don’t get. We all have our own language of humor it’s whether or not others perceive it as such. Like its communications in general of the vocal kind. That creates if not conveyed the way the other person can understand a plethora of mind boggling bs. Gibberish although in ones own mind it may make perfect sense to them. I guess that’s why we argue. It’s frustrating or humorous. And humor gets us by better than frustration in situations.

I’ve noticed my sense of humor has changed a bit. My father in law makes fun of me saying I ride the short bus, wear a helmet and that I lick windows

Is he making fun of you or just cracking a joke?

To him making fun of me is cracking a joke. He thinks its funny to crack jokes at my expense. I don’t see the humor in making fun of me or the mentally challenged.

It has increased and wisened the wry sense of humor I’ve had since childhood.