Does SZ changes personality?

Does SZ changes personality?
Or personality is deeper?

For me it did change but not much.
I think personality is very deep in our genetics and brains.

Yes, it did. a complete 180. I’m kinder and have more compassion and empathy for others. I was pretty cold and self-centered back then.


I echo what @anon28145038 said.

But I think I am too sensitive now. Like it is affecting my functionality.

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It’s made my IQ go down,
I don’t know
I went straight from 15 yr old rock chick to paranoid schizophrenic

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For a long time I didn’t laugh or have any sense of humour
It was during and after an abusive relationship
My husband made me happy again though after a bit

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Yes it made me less confident but very kind and caring for others. I know how it is to have difficultues. I understand how disabled people have it. It shed a light on things I never knew excisted.


I think there are experiencies that can change your point of view about something or your character trait, but not your whole personality.


For a long time I stopped smiling and laughing and didn’t have a good sense of humor. I became very serious and quiet and hermit like.

I think schizophrenia can change a person’s personality. I used to be very happy, friendly, positive and optimistic as a child but the older I got the more those things lessened and went away for me.

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I feel that’s just aging in general.

Who has their childlike sense of wonder into old age? That’s pretty rare.

Living in hell changed me completely.

I feel like all my feelings are gone! I just miss my happy go lucky personality. I always had a smile on my face, laughing n loving everybody n everything, , I had a pretty good life, now I feel empty

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Oh yeah big time for me. I used to be hyper emotional and happy and now im flat and sad most of the time.

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In the beginning I was cheerful, polite, outgoing, pretty, and these days I am more shy, still polite, private,
and not as good looking like I usually was. Also I suffer from panic/anxiety attacks and intrusive thoughts and I feel like I have people in my body.

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