Has anyone tried Wellbutrin for negative symptoms of Schizophrenia?

Has anyone tried wellbutrin for the negatives of schizophrenia like anhedonia, lack of motivation, low energy, focus, depression, etc. Did it work?


It helped a bit. I take 150 mg Wellbutrin and makes me feel slightly more energetic and calm.

for me it didn’t help…

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Same for me. Took it for 5-6 weeks.

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Its an antidepressant so good if you have depression but not negative symptoms I think.

When you took Ritalin, did it help negative symptoms before making you psychotic?

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yea it helped me for a while. I think like half a year things were better till i started to get psychotic again.

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I take it for depression. It helps a touch with negative symptoms, but not so much as I had hoped. I was wanting that magic wand effect, y’know?

Mood stabilizer helps a bit

I tried while taking risperidone and I didn’t get anything out of it. I think I’ve read that some people say it helps.

It helps me not be depressed and stay calm.

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