Has anyone NOT suffered sometime in their life?


In other words, has anyone gone their whole life without suffering?


I suffer a lot after schizo but were fine when I am young

Do you believe suffering will make you a better person than other?i personally do

It’s been 5 years since I suffer from this emotional problem and this thinking disorder,it’s really very bad,I really think about how long do I need to suffer before I can start to enjoy normal life and be happy…I want to be happy seriously but it looks not within my reach,I know I need to suffer to be better and stronger but i am afraid that I would be suffering my whole life,this is really demotivating


That would be a pretty boring life - I’m sure everyone suffers for some periods during their lives.


I would have traded my two years of solid suffering from schizophrenia for two years of solid boredom.


my in laws have gone through their life without anything happening to them untill the end…
both very arrogant and stupid…i call them dumb and dumber…
people who have suffered are generally wiser for their suffering…
take care


I really hope what you say is true,but darksith,I suffer a lot too but it seems I ain’t wiser than a 8 year old kid,this is just frustrating,they bully me with their eye contact


when i walk down the street i don’t look at people and when i do it is fleeting…
you are stronger than you know and wisdom is like a good jacket you grow into it.
i heard some where that if you don’t want people to mess with you , you need have the energy of a tiger, walk tall , you are just as worthy as anyone else to walk this planet.
know that you are brave.
take care


I think most people suffer from time to time. Those living with a severe mental illness suffer a lot usually.
Those that say they live a life free from suffering are probably suffering from a good amount of narcissism and arrogance and yes even ignorance. Just look around us, the world is full of despair and challenges - suffering is really part of the human condition. Some people suffer and then get bitter, while others suffer and thrive


I think that the life is a struggle mostly. In the 1990s there were some nice moments when I traveled in many places, but still the life is one big struggle.


trying to think of a time in life when I have NOT suffered… Looking back, there have been fleeting moments of happiness, but that’s not the same thing as not suffering.

I’m sort of thinking that… how life is now is the best it’s been in my memory.


no… twenty characters


I have yet to meet a person, mentally ill or not who has not gone through suffering, except maybe a child.


I guess it depends on the definition of suffering. Someone living in Africa who faces starvation, murder, rape, disease, and torture would have a different idea of suffering than a rich American who’s idea of suffering is that Starbucks didn’t make their latte exactly the way they like it.


What if you faced all that and had schizophrenia to boot?


I suffered a lot before i became ill. All of those suffering in the past and present makes me think like an elderly. I am very symptomatic toward others, even though i dont like them, and i dont want to feel that, with that i just add another emotional burden on my shoulders.


I was badly bullied at school and that gave rise to bad depression in my 20’s. But on the positive, I have a good sense of humor, which is borne from those problems.


Solid boredom sounds tough, I think Id stick with depression…as solid boredom sounds damn tough. Maybe if you take the word solid out I might consider it!!


no,suffered plenty through life


i’m sure we’ve all suffered, Sz is a motherload of diseases you do not want to have. My cousin is bi polar, and even she believes that she’s better off than me.


I can’t picture someone going their whole life without suffering of some sort. It’s a concept that I can’t wrap my head around.