Has anyone here overcome a lack of motivation?

I have trouble getting motivated my problem is prople spend there whole life working for a good future and then they die. What keeps you going? Any advice?


You sound depressed. Working people don’t usually think theyre gonna die so why should they work?

How old are you? Young people don’t usually think about death until retirement or the first symtoms of death

Anyway you sound depressed. I would advivlse you to speak with your pdoc abouy this lack of motivation and what you’re thinking.

An AD might be good for you


But I am no doc

I’m older. Could be I’m in that halo where symptoms get better but doing regular exercise has helped me a lot!

It’s a catch 22 though. It’s hard to get enough momentum to do exercise and to continue doing it…but doing it makes it easier if that makes sense!

I wish I did it much younger! but I’m curious to see others try it when your young! Start small. 30 minutes of brisk walking 3 days a week is a good start!


Exercise/meditation/yoga/breathing exercise/praying (if that’s your thing) one of these things is for you @anon37666876. It helps reducing anxiety and depression also improves motivation and negative symtoms. Might improve positives symtoms but that’s not for sure and depends on the person situation

The point is, there is on thing for EVERY person on earth wich makes her less depressed less anxious more motivated and happier or content.

You just got to find it. I know for @velociraptor and @Mountainman it’s keep being busy aka work

For me and a few guys I forgot they’re name it’s meditation

For @rogueone and others it’s exercise

For @SkinnyMe it’s praying

You just got to find that thing. I think the most successful are meditation/exercise/yoga/praying. Breathing exercises/walking/nature/keep being busy aka hobbies or work

Try something out (in not suggesting you should stop aps or denying ads. Meds are even more important in our case)


I wont argue the point that I’m depressed I’ve been on 150mg of zoloft for over a year now though maybe I need a different ad

Different one. Higher dose. Talk with your pdoc.

Also take one of my suggestion from above

Here’s a link about depression and meditation (if you chose meditation. You can choose exercise for instance or praying etc.)

I know your skeptical but give it a try, not everybody tries to scam people. Some want to help

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If I don’t work i’d be homeless and lose everything I have worked for. Once you start to build up things in your life that have meaning, your motivation is to not go backwards. Whether that’s working, studying, volunteering or just a hobby, things that have meaning in your life will motivate you to strive for better.


I’m going to keep it short.

You have to force yourself to do things and eventually it will become a habit to stay motivated. Even if you make baby steps towards the goal, you will still be moving.


Thank you for your feedback here! Your persistence is admirable! I appreciate what you had to say. I was encouraged by your words, “Keep busy”. I find that helps me a lot!

People work for a good future, and they find their present is affected, too. There is reward in the here and now. Better health, accomplished goals, coping.

For me, I am motivated by relationships. I want to show love to the people around me. I push through a lot to be present and to participate, even when I don’t feel like it. When I’m really low on motivation, I make someone a gift or write them a letter. If I can’t concentrate to do those things, I order something for someone from Amazon. Just to help and be others-focused and be doing something meaningful.


No, I haven’t

things I used to enjoy I don’t much anymore

even Phil says so

then maybe all of a sudden I’ll get my groove back.


I’ve struggled with lack of motivation for ages but as I came out of my last relapse, somehow my spiritual life improved. Maybe my prayers for it to improve were answered at last.
And now my depression left and I’m doing so well and for the first time in several years I am more motivated than ever before

I’d say what motivates me now is God and reading inspirational books and making positive changes in my life


The concept of the “ikigai” seems relevant here. Has to do with finding your purpose and being.

Like for me, e-commerce is something I can get good at, and there is demand for it so the world needs it, I can get paid for it, but I don’t quite love it, so it’ll put me in the “comfortable, but feeling of emptiness” region.

I have some pursuits that may put me in the “delight and fullness, but no wealth” region, but I am at the age that I need money to progress my life further so those are a no-go.


Lack of motivation is a negative symptom. There is no cure. You can try forcing yourself but that strategy won’t last long.

I have periods, usually short lived, where I have more than the usual amounts of motivation. I guess the depakote ruined my last streak. Wellbutrin did a number on me. So I need to go back on cymbalta.

The thing is there is not much to be done. It could be depression, psychological damage, brain damage, or negative symptoms. I’m not sure where I am, but I doubt it’s the depression.

I overcame a lack of motivation this morning and took a bath, washed my hair, brushed my teeth and flossed, put on perfume and fresh clothes, and went to church service.


I don’t usually do anything about it (lack of motivation). I love my wife so i do things out of love. I have a hobby I love so I do it and further it and share it. Sometimes there are things I need to do that i do. like weedeat the yard or fix a sign. I’m retired so i keep it to a minimum. but i do other things i love. preach, go to church, study. a little bit busy is all i think i can handle.

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I appreciate all your contribution.

Any new input today?

I have to keep going for my work or be homeless, to cold here to be homeless

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