Has anyone gone to Social security hearing before a judge


I have a hearing with a judge coming up for social security and I’m very stressed out about it. Has anyone gone to social security hearing before a judge? What questions they will asking and is it hard to get approved for paranoid schizophrenia?


Yup. Did that. Was in for 6 minutes and he said he heard enough and was approved. The questions were Why can’t you work? What is your days like? What kind of treatment plan do you use?

That sort of stuff. Good luck.


Yea, maymbe its differ in every state. The state I did it at was longer than 6 min. it was like half an hour for me. I had a lawyer also, its optional to have one. I would recommend it if u can…My judge wasn’t so “friendly”. Whatever the case may be, just be honest. They will see and review the medical/ other records itself. if you have an issue, u DO have an issue. There is no need to bend anything really, they want to see I your not trying to perform fraud or just looking for a way out. If u can work, then good…if u cant…u CANT.

EDIT: its possible to be approved, especially if u gain anxiety from the paranoia. Im sorta like that myself, but not sure if we are in same lvl of experiences and feeling. Ive heard people with broken bones that do tempeorary disability and get approved. The problem is they fake not being healed then its a problem. Those kinda people should be looked at.


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