Worried about SSD

So my SSD\SSI hearing is July 2. I am worried they will turn me down because of various reasons. Mainly because I am verbally intelligent and co e off an normal. But I have a lot of problems with stress and day to day living. My doctorwrote a letter supporting my claim with a list of my conditions. My psychiatrist and therapist tells social servic e s Ican’t work but never submitted to social security. I’m afraid that by talking normal they will deny me again.

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Good luck. Don’t downplay how hard things are for you. That’s the hardest thing for me. I’m always “fine” around people I don’t know and I have a really hard time telling people exactly how hard things are.


I agree with @LED.
I write down things n read them to myself before I go to those kind of things because I somehow tend to forget to say certain things otherwise


So you’re trying to get SSDI for the first time?

Second. I didn’t appeal first time.

I’m sorry you’re having to go to a hearing. I agree with the list idea. Bring a list of all your problems with you

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It is a good idea. I will try to remember.

I have a hearing coming up too. I hope it works out.

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@ZombieMombie, @TheVoices, I wish you both the best. If you fail, get a lawyer who knows the county and specializes in SSD/SSDI. That’s what I had to do. He was so good at getting together paperwork that I didn’t say a single word at the hearing but was approved before they’d even finished going over my medical conditions. I was concerned that having a graduate degree would effect me, but they didn’t even get that far. I have my fingers crossed for y’all!

I was on a disability lawyers website a few years ago. It said that most people with this kind of condition eventually get disability even if the get denied at first.

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Thanks :pray: for the support

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