Has anyone ever tried to lock you up because of your SZ?

Have you ever been in jail because of your SZ?

As in just because of the label SZ, or as in the direct cause and effect of the thinking > behavior?

Funny you ask that, why yes I have. The police picked me up as I was acting strange, put me in a cell for the night, then I was involuntarily sent to hospital.

If you mean spending e.g. months in jail after being before a judge , then no.

Been locked up for assessment to see if I was a danger to myself or others, be careful how you answer stuff LOL, I should have been locked up on fashion crimes, All I had on was 20 year old sweats I loved, when I left there I seen them in bright daylight and threw them out, and like your mother told you always wear clean undies, when they took my sweats away I had none on with 10 people and guards standing around

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Never been locked up in jail. But was on a locked ward for 6 months. Wasn’t allowed out.

My brother’s mentally ill(don’t know for sure what he had) friend was shot two month back by cops. Here’s the story…

He was homeless at the time and wasn’t on meds. He always carried a hatchet and stick for protection. He was a good and grateful man Rest in Peace Robert.