Has anyone ever told you to go off meds? What was their reason?

I’ve had several people tell me to go off meds,

Medical professionals,


My own mother.

Every reason from “I can’t be schizophrenic” to “the voices are real and you shouldn’t tune them out”.

I’ve stayed on meds, for obvious reasons,

But has this happened to you?

What was their reasoning?

Everyone has always told me to take meds and stay on meds. I’m the only one who tried to reason myself out of taking meds and always ended up back in the psych ward whenever I quit taking meds so now I always take my meds.

when they did dx me with autism they wanted to get me off the meds and they tapered it off and i just ended up in the psych ward again. First dx was bipolar and then the autism dx came and then after relapse it became autism and sz…

Yes this has happened to me many a time. Lots of people around me don’t seem to get that I have a serious mental health disorder. Even mental health professionals as well. I guess I just come off as a regular guy most of the time. I must be a damn good actor haha.

One pdoc suggested going off meds for a weekend once in awhile. Just to clean out the system a little. I don’t do that now. This was back in '69.

Few times I’ve been offered healing crystals and told they work better than meds.


Me, mostly.

My nurse said i can get off meds after intensive therapy, in half a year or so, because she believes it can heal the underlying issues.

And people told me to go off meds for religious reasons.

Nobody ever suggested I went off meds, as they saw what I was like when I went off them on my own.

My manager from when I use to work told me that the medicine changed me. He said he liked the old me without meds better. I told him that I’m better off with the meds. He said, okay.

I told my client at the time that the psychiatrist put me on Risperdal. She said that I shouldn’t take it cause they gave it to her mom and she became worse.

No one has ever told me to go off meds. Quite the opposite

Yeah my father and brother can be ass holes but they always encourage me to stay on my meds.

No one has told me to come off my meds.

Yeah quite the opposite.

Nobody, ever.
Most of my friends and family have seen me unmedicated enough to not want me to revert to that state.
Even other unmedicated sz folks have been strongly against it when I’ve wanted to go off meds.


Came across a band of religious zealots who said I needed to “purify my body with the body of christ,” and that taking medicine is not part of his plan. Ugh, whatever.

I’m on 2 mg Haldol PRN. Today I took none. I believe yesterday too.

I had to assert for PRN status, but this suits me. I feel really good ATM. Just low energy on account of keto.

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Yup… last year the pdoc said it would be ok to go off antipsychotics but to keep my mood stabaliser.

The mood stabaliser didnt agree with me so they decided to let me try antidepressants on it’s own

Ended up psychotic and first stay in hospital.

I was told by my ex that he had it too and that he controlled his and I could do the same… The real reason was to control me better

My mother doesn’t believe in meds.

Only supplements.

She even told me she wouldn’t recommend I get chemo while I was waiting for test results looking for more cancer cells. Just natural remedies.


I was told to go off my meds by a pdoc in the hospital. She said I was BPD and that I should try mindfulness and Benadryl for sleep, instead of APs

I didn’t took my meds cause of the sideeffects and the loss of motivation. I think they made me depressed. These days i am used to the slakker life i am living and take the mindbending meds. Sometimes i wish the old days back, just to jogg or something.

I’ve been told various things. Diet will help me. Nature is the drug I need. Embracing my soul, whatever that means. Religion will cure me. Meds are poison.

Yeah, ok. Without meds I swing back and forth between uber depress and suicidal to ready to rule the world with tons of ideas. My kids didn’t know what to expect. My marriage almost ended.