Has anyone ever told you to go off meds? What was their reason?

Duke took me off haldol injections in 1994. They weren’t sure the psychosis was chronic when I was taken off xanax abruptly 6 months prior.
When I relapsed in 1996 I went back to Duke and they put me on prolixin. I changed to zyprexa in 1997.

Ive heard that “have you considered cutting out gluten/dairy/sugar/meat/everything remotely tasty”? Before.
It’s so stupid. I do have allergies and intolerances, and some do worsen my symptoms a bit, but they also come with a ton of physical symptoms it’s hard to overlook.

I don’t think a non-sugar gluten-free vegan diet is gokng to cure me.

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I don’t know if we’re talking only about APs or all psychiatric medications. I’m going to talk about the latter.

I’ve been taking psychiatric medications on a daily basis for 36 years, and I’ve had many pdocs over those years. They all have talked to me about the risk/benefit ratio for long-term use of psychiatric medications. The benefit, for me, was primarily a decreased chance of suicide, and the risk, for me, has been an increased chance of something called metabolic syndrome, which may lead to an increased chance of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

I obviously have not killed myself, but I do have hypertension, diabetes, had 2 mini-strokes, and some memory loss. However, I have a family history of hypertension, diabetes and dementia. Also, I’m overweight, smoke, and don’t exercise very often. Thus my health problems may not have anything to do with my long-term use of psychiatric medications.

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