Has anyone else ever had this problem?

Has anyone ever felt sounds? Like have you ever felt a sound touch you? For instance someone slams a door and you feel pressure from that sound in your chest, head, or somewhere else on your body. Do you think it’s possible for people to channel sounds? Like closing a door, dropping a pencil, tapping, coughing, etc. Can someone cough in a way that makes your reflexes jerk? Im trying to explain this the best way I know how because I really dont believe I have schizophrenia. I think that these are entities/magical beings doing this to me. Please let me know if this has ever happened to you. It happens to me all the time. Everyday. Its like theyre deliberately screwing with me because it happens at times when Im relaxed, sensitive, in deep thought or excited.

Please answer.

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It may be PTSD.

Have you ever had a horrific life experience accompanied by a noise?

Some military combat veterans feel noises and react to them reflexively (a car backfires and they quickly go to the ground).

I don’t have this, but it sounds like synesthesia.

Synesthesia is "the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body."
Which in regular speak is like tasting colors or feeling sounds.

From Wikipedia:

“In auditory-tactile synesthesia, certain sounds can induce sensations in parts of the body. For example, someone with auditory-tactile synesthesia may experience that hearing a specific word feels like touch in one specific part of the body or may experience that certain sounds can create a sensation in the skin without being touched. It is one of the least common forms of synesthesia.”

I guess the good news is they aren’t out to get you?? But I have no idea how you would get synesthesia to go away.

I don’t have this particular syndrome/symptom but I remember learning about it in psychology so I know that other people do have it.

It feels like Im being hit with sounds.

You might have synesthesia then as @twinklestars suggested. That would make you the first person I ever ‘met’ with that syndrome.

Yeah. I think the bass and drum thing are normal. But to feel like someone channeling and hitting you with sounds. Like someone drives by you and you hear their tires along the road (not screeching, just normal) and you feel slight pain in your testicles?

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Yes I have. Except to me it is pain…sudden loud sounds actually feel like I am being slapped in the face. It is very unpleasant. Zoloft is helping with that a lot though.