Has anyone came off of invega sustenna?


these findings are surely concerning. However, their clinical significance is not yet clear.
Thus, schizophrenia itself is linked with numerous brain abnormalities, such as progressive loss of brain cells, even in persons never exposed to antipsychotic medication. For example, in one study, antipsychotic-naive patients with schizophrenia showed significant gray matter volume deficits in frontal, cingulate, temporal, and other brain regions. (Venkatasubramanian G. Neuroanatomical correlates of psychopathology in antipsychotic-naïve schizophrenia. Indian J Psychiatry. 2010;52:28-36.)

Furthermore, Lesh and colleagues (Lesh TA, Tanase C, Geib BR, et al. A multimodal analysis of antipsychotic effects on brain structure and function in first-episode schizophrenia. JAMA Psychiatry. 2015;72:226-234.) found that while short-term treatment with antipsychotics was associated with prefrontal cortical thinning, treatment was also associated with better scores on a continuous performance task (AX-CPT). The authors concluded that the results warranted caution “. . . in interpreting neuroanatomical changes as being related to a potentially adverse effect on brain function.”

In my view, we need more research to sort out this complex issue, while always weighing carefully the neurological risks of antipsychotic treatment (including movement disorders) against their very real benefits.
Ronald W. Pies, MD


Ok so I stopped invega shot on October 21st. It’s weird bc I felt great and then I could tell the beads re-released in my body by December 3rd (it felt like I got another shot). And then it took another month (so up until now) that I felt back to feeling like a normal person. Invega was horrible even tho half to a quarter of it is still in my body. I had to stop working out bc the raised prolactin levels ruined my bones and gave me tits. On top of that I got weird running injuries. The shot gave me a retarded look on my face and horrible looking eyes and that came back on December 3rd when I could tell the beads re released even tho I didn’t get another shot. So basically just count about 40 days for each half life and then ur closer to it being out of your system. I’ve asked on this forum when people felt better and one guy told me 100 days he felt better so I’m almost to that mark so I should be good. And the 150 day half life ur talking about is Invega trinza- I was on invega sustenna.

I wouldn’t recommend this but I haven’t taken the latuda I switched to on the 21st of October and haven’t had one breakthrough symptom. It’s bc even on the lowest dose of invega that I was at, and then the subsequent half lives and their equivalencies, it’s that mind killing that u don’t get symptoms. Invega is poison don’t ever go back on it and I’m with u on this bc hospital docs that don’t have to keep patients after they’re out of the hospital put people on it saying it’s bc it has a 93% chance of no relapse but it’s bc how bad it is for ur brain seriously like it stops everything in ur mind except simple thoughts and one word answers and I was on it for a year. I want to run over the doc that put me on it- that’s a hyperbole I’m not a violent person and it sounds morbid but I mean to highlight how bad it was for me. Good luck and take niacin it kinda eliminates it more in ur body. All u can do is wait. By summer I’ll be invega free and u should be feeling better. PM me if u have ANY questions



Thanks fo the response. I used to bodybuild, and it’s so holding me back. You said it’s bad for your bones? You don’t think I’d be screwed up too bad with the high prolactin from just two shots do you? How long were you on, how long have you been off, and how do you feel now?




Just two shots you’re probably fine I think it takes a couple months for ur prolactin to actually raise it’self on the shot. I was on it for a year and stopped this past October. It makes ur bones brittle and causes males to have more female characteristics


I got off invega sustenna and started back on the pill form of this drug. I was not misdiagnosed though. I don’t know about normal people getting off it. I’ve heard stories of people on youtube getting prescribed invega when they didn’t need it.They complained about the sensitivity loss in their sex organs. I’m not sure if it was permanent. I know when I get off my drugs my sex drive comes back with force.


I’ve been taking the 234mg shot of Invega for the past 8 months and even though the psychosis has worn off and I’m not hallucinating or being delusional I feel like $hit everyday I wake up. It’s just a feeling of not being clearheaded, low energy and lacking motivation that’s slowly killing me. My libido took a hit as well because I haven’t masturbated in months and have no desire too. I am functioning to the point where no one would ever believe me that I have Schizophrenia because I’m hiding it very well.

My psychiatrist is planning to prescribe me Wellbutrin while lowering the dose to 154mg in another month. I believe I’m suffering from depression as well. I’ve been hangin in there for the past few months hoping this heaviness subsided and I can start to feel better.


I’m 7 weeks out. Are you feeling much better since your last shot? So, there is hope for a full recovery?


It’s been 12 weeks since my last injection and to be quite honest it feels like about half of it is still in my system. I haven’t even started my Latuda that I’m supposed to take in place of it, but that’s bc I haven’t had any issues yet. I’d say I won’t feel noticeably better until another 8 weeks. It takes SO long I hate it but atleast I’m about halfway there. Be ready to feel as if u just got the shot again bc the beads must’ve re released in my bloodstreAm about 40-80 days after my last shot. It was weird. But my bones are feeling a lot better and I’d bet my prolactin levels are starting to come down


I’m not taking any medication. I stopped earlier this month. I was given 234 mg once in October then 156 mg again in October.


How you doing Manny?
The worst has passed. I bet the first 3 weeks were pretty rough. Hope your recovering.
Any problems?

I was constantly pacing the first three weeks and having a real difficult time. I’m 7 weeks out and am slowly recovering.


I was hit with 234mg and 156mg. Do you think I need to worry about the boob thing?
How long were you on. What dose(s)?


You say your sex drive is gone. Have you tried Macuna L-Dopa and Ashwagandha? They’re safe to take together.
Aside from that (your sex drive) is everything else back to normal.? Do you feel the same as you were pre-Sustenna?


I think I’m doing pretty good. Not sure what all damage the shots did to me. I did get diabetes but I’m not sure how much the shots contributed to that.


If you can, lower sugar and fat intake and you should be good. There is plenty of room for improvement!


Hope your improving and can run like the wind now that you’ve been off Sustenna for so long. Please let me know of your progress. Cheers!


How you doin Kitty4. I’d love to hear of you progress.


Yes, everything came back to normal as I were before psychosis… after 3-6 months off any treatment. I haven’t experienced symptoms or side effects in 9 years, except for my sex drive. I wouldn’t say just that my sex drive is gone because of Invega/Xeplion. This is not about sex drive, this is about erectile dysfunction! It causes chemical erectile dysfunction because it kills/suppress the dopamine (and serotonin) for life (even if you stop the treatment), the hormone that it arouses you, the hormone that makes you feel… happy, sad, angry, excited, etc. This drug turns you into an emotionless robot/sociopath, apparently…
It’s nothing wrong with your genitals, it’s all from the brain. It’s about the hormones. I stopped having sudden/random erections since I took that drug, and when I do get an erection (p.s. only super models and top porn actresses are able to do that btw), it’s only about 50-75% erected… and it takes me over an hour to… “finish”. There’s no way an average looking woman could turn me on.
I hoped my hormones would come back to normal if I stop the treatment… but it wasn’t the case… (except for the testosterone, I think… even with high testosterone, you can’t get aroused without the dopamine.) Imagine how horrible it was for me to go from a teenager being able to “do it” by 20 times during 3 hours without porn… to an 18 year old with the sex drive of a 50 year old man! Heck, my father had a higher sex drive at 60 than I had at 18! Invega/Xeplion should be illegal because of this… not to mention the other 100+ side effects. (You can find them online)
I guess not everything came back to normal since my dopamine and serotonin haven’t came back to normal… in 10 years! (I’m 28 now) but I got used without any feelings and emotions. I often feel stressed out because of my work though, but I’m not sure that counts as an emotion.


I never heard of them so I googled them. They seem to be similar to ginseng and ginkgo biloba. “Used to increase Dopamine levels… and reduce psychological stress”… Sounds tempting… However, the last time I took and abused a similar substance (ginkgo biloba with ginseng) (10 years ago) I became psychotic and been (probably mis)diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia… Lol and then they screwed me on life with their toxic drugs. I suspect they give Invega/Xeplion to potentially violent/dangerous patients. I guess they thought that I could be violent/dangerous because I was an olympic martial artist at the time.


Wait how long were u on invega. And I have the same erectile issue, are u sure it’s not because of the other ap ur on? God this scares me and makes me ■■■■■■■ livid. I hate the doctor that Involuntarily put me on this in the hospital. And are u telling me u don’t feel happy or sad like u used to? I thought that feeling comes back after like 6 months after stopping it?! This drug needs to come off the market


For less than a year (6-9 months), 9 years ago. I haven’t been on any treatment ever since.
Who wouldn’t hate the doctor(s) who took your chance of having descendants and a family? It’s not just males that experience this side effect. Females become infertile (unable to get pregnant) due to Invega. It’s horrible, they treat us like on serial killers… By giving this drug to you, they give you a life sentence. They chemically castrate you like on some rapists/pedophiles, they take your chance of reproducing, having sex and having a family like we’re HIV-positive… and they take your ability to have emotions and feelings… like they don’t give a damn about us (not saying they do)… and what’s worse… is that some of us have been misdiagnosed and still received this unfair life sentence. I’m sorry I haven’t researched this “poison” as soon as they gave it to me. I would have stopped the treatment with Invega in the first month! (p.s. I don’t think other antipsychotic drugs are much better…)