Has anyone been to Laureate?

Laureate Psychiatric Clinic & Hospital is the only place in Tulsa that I can find that will be available when I need them… I think… I thought they were open in the evenings but their website is very confusing. I have to call to get more information and I can’t do that right now.

I have heard many horrible things about this place but I wonder what of it is true. I hope someone out there has personal experience with this place and can help me feel better about making this decision. Since they are on site with a hospital they have the ability at their digression to lock me up and I am absolutely terrified that if i was honest that is what they would do.

The only way they can involuntarily admit you is if you are a danger to yourself or someone else. I would say check it out. It can’t hurt. Good luck to you. :sunny:

It can hurt if they lock me up and i don’t get paid best case scenario worst case scenario work fires me… either way I can’t afford to not have a paycheck coming in but I really need the help.

Instead of admitting yourself immediately - Can you try to see a psychiatrist and get treatment outpatient first? If the psychiatrist you see feels that you need to be admitted then thats a different story. Today psych wards and hospitals dont like to keep patients inpatient for a long time. Up to one week is probably the average time or even shorter, depending on the severity. I would go see a psychiatrist out patient first - If you feel up to it


I would love to go see a psychiatrist if i could find one. I need one that will take appointments after work so I don’t loose my job and so far I have had no luck.

The normal … committed time for Laureate as i was recently informed is 2 weeks.

If you were officially diagnosed with a mental illness by a qualified doctor, and you go seek help for that illness, your job cannot - should not be firing you for it, as I am pretty sure there are ADA laws protecting your rights

That is comforting to know. But if i have to spend 2 weeks in a place they are not obligated to pay me for those two weeks (I am out of PTO). I can’t afford to not have a paycheck coming in.

Do you have a Human Resources Dept at work? or if not you can maybe talk to your supervisor/boss and I am sure they would accommodate you if you needed medical treatment. It might be worth a try

They fired the HR person and downsized last year. We have less than 50 employees and the owner now doubles as the HR person. They don’t know i have Sz only my direct supervisor does. And the last update I gave him was I couldn’t find a Dr.

I dont know what to tell you @sasha - Your health should be your number one concern. If you become completely destabilized - fully, it would be very difficult if not impossible to work anywhere. Getting your mental health to a manageable point is very important. Maybe you could talk to your supervisor more in depth about it, see what could be done for you.
Like I said before, there are laws out there that protect workers who need a leave of absence for medical reasons


gulp Ok. I will … open up and talk to him. What should I tell him? How detailed should I be?

@sasha You decide what you want or not want to do - Its your life, and call. If you feel like you can talk to the supervisor who already knows about your SZ - you can tell him/her that you need to get further medical treatment for your illness.
You can discuss taking a rather short leave of absence for a while - ask him if it could be a paid leave of absence.
If you decide to see a psychiatrist on an outpatient basis, you would not even have to talk to anyone at work, unless you feel like it could help. If you see a psychiatrist - outpatient, you get meds and take it from there. Maybe you could also discuss your situation in depth with your fiancee - its your decision to make in the end

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K knows. And i would prefer the outpatient experience, however the Dr’s I have found are not available after work hours.

Thank you for your suggestions though. I will keep looking.

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Taking care of yourself right now is a lot more important than your job. If things keep going as they are you may miss a lot more then one or two days so I would think that taking one day off for a Dr. appointments would be the better option. You seem to be a very talented and nice person. Scary as it may be you need to do what it is needed to keep yourself from going further down this road. :purple_heart:


Thank you for the kind words. I try to be as nice as I can. I really do love people and want to treat everyone with equality. But I am so afraid of them sometimes that I just want to run away. I feel like all men want to rape me and hurt me. And I am so scared of loosing this job and not being able to provide for K. I don’t want to be a failure, but I have taken a lot of time off work for … another issue I have been having. I don’t have any PTO left and I am afraid of what work would think of me asking for a day off to go take care of a mental issue. I don’t want them to think that I am like the girl who cried wolf, like I am making everything up and that i am not dependable. It is just not a good time for me to be loosing my grip right now… why couldn’t this have happened next year or something… i … … trying not to cry at work… i just don’t know what else to do. I have looked at all the doctors i could find online in the nearby area and none of them except the Laureate dr’s are available after 5pm. And I just feel so hopeless. I wish I didn’t have to work… if i could just stay home and away from people when i was having a bad day and paint… i would be great. I wouldn’t have any issues. But unless K and I get involved in an open relationship with someone rich that is never going to happen.

I know I can’t say this with any certainty since I don’t know you in real life. I’m guessing though that if your boss(s) see who I see then they will not think that you are the type of person to cry wolf. Sometimes we have to give them the chance to be the understanding people that we need them to be. Feeling hopeless is not worth any job in my opinion. I’m sure K would rather have you then your income. Keep fighting!


This is the main page…

This is the secondary page of the staff who work at Laureate…

I’d say, they could best answer your questions about what needs to happen, outpatient work, after work appointments… ask the people who work there, via fax or phone…

Hope this helps… Get the info from the horses mouth

I’m rooting for you.

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hope you are feeling better today.
take care

I had an incident at work. Everything is ok. Still have my job. I really need to go find help. I am going to try to talk to the apartment complex and see if I have to get committed will they help me out on rent and spread it over a few months or something… I think my cell phone payment, car payment and student loans can be suspended while i am in… but i am not sure about rent.

people are generally understanding so just ask about the rent at least you will know where you stand.
take a deep breath, everything will be fine.
take care