5/14 lunch break sketch

No idea what this is…


its called love of art

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It is all i can do to keep from drawing things about self mutilation, hallucinations, or delusions.

when i was not well, the greatest thing a p-doc said to me was, ‘‘you won’t always feel that way’’ and it ‘true’ time heals all wounds

I am still having a hard time finding a doc.

imo the best doc is yourself

Hi Sasha,

Try calling the centers that are listed on these web pages (see links below) and if you are not close to any of them, try calling the ones closest to you and asking if they can recommend someone closer to you, who might be able to help you:

These centers are specifically set up to help people like you as early as possible.


Here is another list of Early Psychosis Treatment centers - call them also if there is not one listed above that is close:


I will look through them. I have called many places locally already.

Both of those links are dead.

Sorry - just fixed them. Go back and click on them now - they should work.

No luck. Both links have nothing in Oklahoma.

OK - well I would still call the offices that are closest to you (closest state) and ask them to recommend someone in your state for help.

Also - Call NAMI Oklahoma and ask them for help in finding a psychiatrist:

NAMI Oklahoma
4200 Perimeter Center Dr Suite 150
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Phone: 405-230-1900
Fax: 405-230-1903
E-mail: namiok@coxinet.net

And check their resource links:


Let us know how it goes.

NAMI recommended Laureate and had no further help. I will call the closest states and see what they have to say.

I refuse to go to Laureate.

If you search on google for: “Laureate Psychiatric Clinic”

You’ll see a link on the right side that says “Google Reviews” where people have written their personal reviews of the clinic. They are all very positive. Why not try it?

My fiancee was in there for a year. I read her diary and it checks out with what I have heard from others. The Google reviews might be paid who knows. But the place is known by many locals to be anything but good.

The same goes for Shadow Mountain and Brookhaven.

I dont mean to butt in but you do know that the definition of a mental hospital is “it sucks” right?

Not a healthy place by nature. Its for sick people, people sicker than you included, lots of em.

@mortimermouse I take that into consideration, however my reasons for staying clear go beyond being uncomfortable. The scope of which I don’t feel it is my place to talk about here as it is personal to my partner but I certainly would not want to be in an abusive environment again. I am looking for a doctor to help me get back to my version of normal. I am not looking to be committed unless absolutely necessary and I don’t want to worry about what kind of care I am likely to receive if I am in a position where I have to stay at a place like that.

THose are all reasonable concerns. Another good tactic is to talk to other people/family members to find a psychiatrist that they would recommend.

I would do this by going to a Support meeting in your city and talk to others and see if they can recommend a doctor:

I was considering that. I need to contact NAMI again and get some more information about the local groups here. Last time I talked to the lady at the desk she informed me that there was not a specific Schizophrenia group in Tulsa but that there was interest in making one … the people who would lead the group are apparently in training or something right now. However she did mention a general support group that might have schizophrenic people in it.

Absolutely - that is probably the case.