Has anybody tried aspirin for Sz?


Have any of you tried aspirin as a treatment for Sz (in addition to an AP)? What did you experience?


Isnt aspirin a painkiller


It’s an anti-inflammatory also.


Sorry, had to edit. No, I have not tried it. Can’t imagine it would do anything but I won’t rule anything out.


I take a baby aspirin every day as prescribed by the doctor. I’m being tested for heart damage and it’s a precautionary measure. As a full dose for pain I was told aspirin interferes with my meds.


Its good to thin out your blood being a painkiller but thats all i know


I take two 500 mg aspirin pills with my medication, and I get an invega shot, My positive symptoms are getting lower, I take one aspirin in the morning and one in the night, in the morning I take an aspirin with my other medication and at night I take an aspirin and then wait 30 or 15 min and then take my other medication cause I started to feel bad if take it together


I see where you’re going…its about brain inflamation, but i don’t think the solution is merely to thin the blood to lower the entire bodies inflammation as a result; its the fix the underlying cause of inflamation in the brain. For different people its different things. For one its primarily a traumatic event that causes continual stress, for another its primarily undiagnosed physical illnesses which is causing mental stress, for another person their country is going through a war and it causes them to snap from all the stress. Different things stress the mind.

What is stressing you so much that its causing your mind to collapse?