Aspirin against schizophrenia

Sounds strange to me, but here it says aspirin helps. Patients that needed antipsychotics (70%) were not discontinued from antipsychotics, so in them it was an add-on. There was a significant reduction in PANSS score compared to placebo.

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Posted extra info. Never mind.

Don’t know if it’s coincidence or not. Heard this years before but never thought of trying Aspirin as a treatment but by coincidence I went on a trial 3 weeks ago with 100mg Aspirin. It feels like my positives and negative symptoms reduced a little over this period. I didn’t expect anything from it therefore it’s sure not a placebo effect. I might bump it up a little after reading this article, see what happens. Thanks for sharing.

Do notice that Aspirin, as most NSAID’s is not to be taken long-term just like that. Can have some nasty effects on the stomache, for which people being subscribed such medication typically take yet another type of medication. Yes it’s okay to take an aspirin every once in a while when you have headache or something. But to use it as an antipsychotic would probably have you take quite a lot of it, for an extended period of time. As always, talk to you doctor about it, before adding a handful of aspirin to your daily breakfast.

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I have to take ASA daily for blood thinning (heart condition). Have noticed no benefits from it head-wise. I realize I’m a sample of one, but I’m pretty finely-attuned to med changes, and… nada.


Anti inflammatory… reduces a lot of stuff when you take the pressure off the brain and give it good blood flow…

Depression’s main marker is inflammation in the brain.

I take ibuprofen when I need pain relief… it’s got the pain killer with the anti inflammatory… doesn’t ■■■■ up the liver so bad as tylenol.

I was taking aspirin during my psychosis - the voices were telling me to take it !! Sometimes 2 tablets a day. It didn’t ease my symptoms…