Has anybody lost there sex drive

I lost mine like 10 years ago. I want to the Urologist, and they said I had low testosterone. They gave me medicine but it didn’t work.

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Yes, from meds, it’s more of a stumble than a drive these days.

Yeah. I don’t have much of one. It’s coming back a little.

pretty much. i can still get erections but dont have much of a sex drive anymore. last night i had a sex dream for the first time in months.

None and so thankful for that

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My sex drive has decreased quite a bit. It’s the med’s. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

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When I was taking Risperidone, I had ED and low testosterone, but I still had the desire. After switching to Abilify, the ED is gone, I don’t know about my testosterone, but the desire is gone now.

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Yeah, my counseler told me I wouldn’t of handled it anyways…and the more I thought about it she was right.

I have no drive, desire or orgasms. It’s best that way too.

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Now on Risperdal sex drive is low, once every couple of weeks. On Abilify sex drive was too high, 6 times/day painful. I think Vraylar will make my sex drive normal so waiting for it.

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I don’t have any interest in sex

Sex drive? That sounds like a phrase from a distant past. There’s not much going on down stairs these days. I can still get a erection, but I mostly have to induce it myself, it all getting pretty pointless. The way things are I have too little interest to really bond with a woman if you know what I mean.

It’s the zyprexa killing it for me. I hope I get a green light for abilify from doc next week and hopefully things will function more normal, not just sex drive, but functioning as a whole.

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Years of meds, depression, and other mental illnesses knocked out my libido

I suffer with ED thanks to the Risperdal but I still have a diminished libido.

My sex drive is definitely tarnished its not the same

I’m sorry to hear that, maybe they will come out, with a new medicine.

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I’m 59. It pretty much shut down just this past year (but not completely) When I think back on all the opportunities I had for sex but screwed it up somehow, it’s depressing.

Drive is fine. Functioning not so. It’s like my body is numbish.

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