Has anybody gotten a breakthough recently

Has anybody experienced something that changed your life in a positive way. It doesn’t have to be recent, it can be years ago.


I had gotten out of a depression a month or so ago, and my depressive symptoms have been lowering very consistently. That’s definitely positive :slight_smile:


I have been going out more in afternoon
I have a notebook where I jot down if I have been out in afternoon and I put a smiley face if it went well and sad face if I had problems


Mostly it’s been smiley face :blush:


My voices stopped after taking Niacin and Niacinamide for a few months. They are in the process of healing my brain injury. I’m tapering down my meds now.


Getting clean from crack in 1990 changed my whole life. I smoked it for four years in the late '80’s and my life revolved around getting and smoking crack.

While addicted I was sometimes the victim of violence, I sold or traded most of my possessions for a pittance of crack, I hung out in the worst places with the worst people, two times I had to go to the hospital because once I smoked so much crack one night I fried the inside of my throat, I burned it bad and needed some prescription medicine to heal it and the other time I burned the entire inside of my lips from repeatedly hitting on a stone pipe which actually had nothing in it.

I had to report my car stolen three times to the police because I lent it to strangers for a day for a rock of crack and they didn’t give it back. I cheated, lied, manipulated friends and strangers and had it done to me. While addicted I had joined a mental health support group held in a clinic in a large room. Before walking in several times I would go in the adjoining restroom and smoke some crack and then stroll into the meeting high as a kite. I think the leaders suspected something but I couldn’t tell for sure. But I did stupid stuff like that all the time while addicted.

In other words, I was your typical crack addict.

But then in 1990 I was staying in a temporary crisis group home and I wandered downstairs one night and discovered an AA meeting being held in the dining room every Tuesday night. I was invited to join and I started going regularly. It was usually only about 6 or 7 people at the most and the leader was cool and so was everybody else and I felt comfortable there. That was the start of my sobriety.

And soon someone told me about two other meetings being held just right around the corner from this house and I started going regularly to all three. My stay ended at the house and I moved into a board & care home but I still attended those meetings and I started discovering other meetings and pretty soon I was walking or taking the bus to 5 or 6 meetings a week. And my life changed. Instead of sneaking around doing drugs and avoiding cops, now I became more employable and I got a job.

The third week I was in the board & care I enrolled myself in college. I could walk around without the paranoia of always covering my tracks to hide my drug use anymore from my family and my bosses and other people. I started hanging out with people who were not doing drugs.

Once I became clean, “I became part of the solution instead of part of the problem.” I started living a normal life, I went to movies or to the record store or to picnics and birthday parties. My family started trusting me again. In the board & care home I started hanging out with my sister and her husband and their friends who didn’t do drugs instead of ex-cons, pimps. hookers, street people, con artists, etc.

My life blossomed. Just so many good things started happening to me when I got clean. My health improved for one thing. No more two or three day crack binges where I didn’t feel like eating or I forgot to eat and I lost 25 lbs without noticing it. Now I ate healthy at the board & care home. I now spent my money on cassettes, or going out to eat. I made some acquaintances in the 12-step meetings and I recognized dozens of other regulars at the meetings.

AA, CA and NA have been good to me. They saved my life and showed me a good healthy, honest way to live. I just followed a few simple principles and I was much happier than I ever was in my active addiction. I haven’t craved drugs in 28 years, the obsession and compulsion to use was lifted from me in 1990 and has never returned, I don’t miss drugs or alcohol at all.

Just to end this I will say this; it is not impossible to get clean and sober. No matter how long you used, or what drug you used, or how often you used or how much you used; it doesn’t matter, you can still get clean. I’ve seen it a million times in 12-step meetings where the most hardcore addicts or alcoholics who had use drugs or drank for 10, 15, 20+ years, they were still able to get clean and sober and go from the gutter to becoming employable and living productive lives. It’s a fact.
So good luck to anyone who wants to change their life and live clean and sober, it’s there waiting for you. Maybe you got something from this. Good luck.


I finally after about one year stopped giving into fear, having it. Fear to go outside. Fear of people. Fears gone. I feel like myself again. I got off my meds a year ago and forgot my sense of self. It was the klonopin( memory problems). Its great though to be able to look back on hard times and see how they worked out for your own good.


My guy crack was not the business for you at all. Glad to see you made it out.

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There was this one instance when I was on geodon and because many of you know that med has a short half-life, was starting to come off the last dose. I started having all kinds of panic and depression. Finally I told myself that I was a big guy, and what did I have to fear from looking people in the eye. I was able to handle being out of the house the rest of the day, and actually had a good conversation (small talk) with my sister’s husband, who I rarely get along with. That was a good day.

It’s all a matter of convincing myself, most times I’m just not willing to come out of my shell.

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i have officially made it out of the eating disorder part of recovery
now it’s time to get treatment for my mood/anxiety
small steps are the biggest steps!


When I finally managed to free myself from my terrible ex-boyfriend, and stopped smoking weed.

He and I had been together for a few years, and what started as a habit of smoking weed quickly turned into an addiction. Our lives revolved around getting a hold of weed, and we cheated friends and family to get money for it, often forsaking food and bills in the process.
He was paranoid SZ but wouldn’t admit it, and he kept getting sicker and sicker the more we smoked. He started beating me, and he quickly had me convinced I was worth nothing, that my opinions and thoughts didn’t matter, and that everything about me was terrible. He was also insanely jealous and basically kept me from seeing anyone else.
I became a shell, a ghost of my former self.
He would become even more violent and have a wide range of extreme emotions if he didn’t get his fix, and he had me convinced he would kill himself if I left him.

I eventually moved into a group home, and with their help I managed to distance myself from him, and we eventually broke up. As we broke up, my weed smoking habit vanished, because he was the one who kept forcing/manipulating me to do it.

After the intial withdrawal from the weed, and getting him to stop stalking me (he made several facebook profiles to contact me with) my life started to improve.
Slowly, but surely, I regained faith in myself, and my self-worth started to climb a bit. I learned that it was okay to have my hobbies and my taste in music and my opinions, and I learned to trust others again.

Now, three years later, I am doing an education, I have friends, my family trusts me again, and I’m living on my own.
It feels good :slight_smile:


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