Has anybody been on vacation lately

I really need a vacation now.


Covid… wait till you get the vaccine :syringe:


We spent a weekend in the mountains last month. Rented a condo and observed all health guidelines. It was lovely.

I seriously need a vacation too. I’m anxious for it to finally be safe to do so.

For now I take what my SO calls “mini vacations”. I go for drives or for walks when it’s nice out. It’s small but it helps the feeling of being cooped up.

I’m looking forward to Airbnb stays and camping trips. What kind of vacation are you looking forward to?

Last break I had was last March to Whitby in Yorkshire. It was lovely and quiet.

As soon as lockdown is over (maybe on 17th May) I’m booking a holiday abroad for the next day after my Injection. For 27 days.

Been vaccinated a month ago - planning a safe trip soon to a friend’s (vaccinated also) in San Francisco.

i went to mississippi in january, and am going to colorado at the end of this month for some skiing. i probably should not travel during the pandemic but i take the risk and keep my distance from people.

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I went home for the holidays that was a vacation in my books

I was in a private room in the hospital for a week and then quarantined in a hotel room for a week. Closest thing to a vacation I’ve had since this started.

I went to Florida for a week with my gf to spend an early Christmas with her mom last December. It was really nice, much needed

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I think my head has been on vacation for the past three years.


I’m off to sunny Spain after I get the covid vaccine this year

Can’t wait until summer break

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I want to go to Cuba, its good and cheap. Maybe with one friend in the summer.

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I have been to cuba twice, they have bars and food places inside the water. Beaches, sun, fresh coconut, unlimited food, etc

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Once I went with my friend and once with my parents. I met a nice Romanian family there, my parents became friends with the parents and I became friend with their daughter. We did activities together, I drove a boat. There was also Safari kinda thing in the jungle but the jeep was manual and I didn’t know how to drive manual. We got a driver for us. Their daughter gave me her email but I never communicated. I was just being diagnosed with sz and was on Abilify.

I think I was doing better back then as I was on Abilify. For me Risperdal is sh!t for negative symptoms. My negative symptoms were much better on Abilify.

Its been probably 3 or 4 months, but it’s nice to go, ya know

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