Harjamäki, a famous mental hospital in Finland, now a museum

When I had arrived at my little town in 2002 my brother threatened to take me to Harjamäki, when I questioned him about illegal intelligence activities in America, he did not know it was a museum already then, my sz aunt was there often and I know many other people who have been there.


A mental hospital museum? What do they do with all rhe mentally ill people now?

There are other hospitals such as Niuva. Two years ago here in my little town was one very unfortunate event when one schizophrenic person stabbed one 16-year old girl to death, because this sz person did not want to live in the society any longer. I was in the celebration of May Day with other mentally ill persons when somebody got a call and we learned what had happened. Even the Prime Minister commented the event. In Niuva there are people who are criminally insane.

Yes, that was the mental hospital they were taking me after I returned back from the US.

The second mental hospital is Niuvanniemi, there the criminally insane people are kept …