Happy saturday guys hope your have a good day

just had breakfast going to workout soon, enjoy your saturday. have fun. :crazy_face:


Thank you.

I plan on having a good Saturday.

Having a video chat with my son and his dads.

Looking forward to that, as always.

Other than that I have some laundry to do,

But right now I’m just enjoying some coffee.



I Concur With Your Expression of Hope For All Here Seeking Endless Eternal Freedom.

I’m Currently Eating A Pizza Microwave Hotpocket Thing.

Going To Go For A Long Walk For Some Smokes.

I Guess I Intake In Unhealthy Ways.

Sometimes Too Close To Sin.

I Hate It. And Lord Knows, I’ll Sin Again.

Hey Everyone, , ,

Let’s All Be Friends!.


Great, enjoy and your coffee and smokes guys.



It’s Like I’m Hearing A Ghost.

Like My Mom Leaving My Dad And I To Sit & Watch The Cable News, Wishing Us A Peaceful Day. Strange, Strange, Eerie Horror Movie Feeling.

You People Are Weird!.


You Guys Keeps It Cools!.

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alright cool 1515151515

Good saturday

Just spoke with a friend, and listening to music now. Waiting for my vape pen to charge so I can have a good smoke

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cool im vaping, too my vape wasnt working, i smack it really hard lol and work it again. Flavor juice im vaping blueberry donut wow so good with coffee how about you what juice you vaping.

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I’m vaping Raspberry twist now

Ordered a load of flavours - got Apple blow and Citrus Lemon too

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twist is a amazing brand, enjoying your vape.

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Had No Idea Vaping Had So Many Different Flavors.

From What I Was Able To Try, (Some Time Back), I Couldn’t Really Notice Much Difference.

But!, Thaz Jus Me. . . . . . .


Yea same here, i realize theres thousands of flavors, i never smoking again.

The morning vape with a cup of freshly ground coffee is the best

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I Can Only Afford The Cheapest Brands Of Smokes. (Most Work).

But!, Camel (Crush), Menthol Isn’t Bad At All.

Olde, Olde, Olde, Brand I Admit. But!, Every Long Once In Awhile, I Pick A Pack Up.


I Might Jump Into That Olde Desert Once More Today. . . . . . .

Yea i that my first i do in morning, vape and coffee.

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We are alike in that respect. First thing I do in morning is vape and coffee. It motivates me to get out of my bed

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Yea takes meds and vitamins, eat breakfast, have a full glass of zero calorie of juice, vape and coffee.

i had pretty good saturday so far. I watched “Penguin Bloom” and then an episode of the 100 and an episode of the simpsons. Then i had din dins and now listening music and browsing the forum

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Jus Got Back From The Shop!.

It Was Raining. It Was Icy Cold. And Puddles Of Mud Was Along The Way, The Entire Walk.

Ended Up Grabbing A Pack Of Camel (Crush) Menthol. And!, A Coffee Energy Drink.

Sat Down Outside The Shop And I Could’ve Sworn It Got 15% Colder In 10 Mins.

As, (Of Course), It Began To Rain A Bit More Harsh.

I Swear, Father Time & Mother Nature Can Be Cruel With Their Sense Of Humour.

N e Hoo.

I’m Back In The Warmth of My Humble Apartment.

I Might Grab A Shower Sometime Today. Although, Kinda Already Took One.

I Had To Change My Outfit. For I Was Soaked!. :slight_smile:


Happy Saturday! I’m waiting for my brother and his 3 kids to show up later. Helped my mom make a lasagna. Now I’m gonna make lunch and drink some chocolate milk.