Happy Moving Day, @MrSquirrel

Hope things go smoothly for you.


Moving blowssss!!! So does the wind. And the wind has oxygen. Which you need to survive. So therefore with 2 degrees of separation, you need moving to survive. Good luck pixel. I know my post makes zero sense but good luck :four_leaf_clover::+1:


Best wishes @velociraptor

Hopefully everything goes well.


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I hope your moving day is going well @velociraptor



@Moonbeam omg that cake is perfect!

Happy moving day, @velociraptor! I hope you can relax soon.


I hope everything is going well and its not that miserable!

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All I have to say right now is ■■■■ UHaul. More tomorrow.



Eff Uhaul.

I rented from them when I had to move from South Carolina to California,

The truck broke down twice before we had to switch trucks in Oklahoma.

When we finally reached our destination,

I griped at them everyday until they gave me a full refund.


wow, don’t over do it man…I’m worried you will work too hard…hope you love your new home.

Hope it goes well my friend and know it’s caused you some serious stress. Hope you get back into a more rational routine! Much peace friend.

I don’t envy you @velociraptor. Hope things settle in easy.

Happy moving day- hopefully you’ll be able to settle in as quickly as possible. Best wishes!

Thank you all, made it. Now we have to unpack, which… Ugh. We moved from a larger home to a smaller home and I don’t think Mrs. Squirrel was ready for that when she packed. Suspect there’ll be quite a few runs to our storage unit this week.

First we had trouble getting our 26’ UHaul, finally getting it from an adjacent town an hour away. We had to pay for the fuel to dead head it to our town. We had reserved it from Friday 4pm to Tuesday (today) 4pm. We started getting panicked phone calls last night around 4 pm because someone else had it booked for last night because they had us down for returning it Monday evening. We didn’t even get to our new town until about 6pm. We pushed hard to get things done for noon today and got it back early, so they didn’t charge for the extra day. The UHaul itself had an unbalanced front wheel and would shimmy like crazy when it got above 95 kph. I spent the five hour drive out here constantly backing up traffic.

Nothing like trying to unload a large UHaul in an hurry when you spend over half your time in atrial fibrillation now and your circulation was crap to start with. I’m so exhausted. Actually just got up from a three hour nap and am trying to figure out how to cope with every room being full of boxes.

Back to it.


I hope you labeled the boxes. That makes the going a lot easier.
You are to be congratulated for carrying this off. GOOD FOR YOU! :apple:

Oh my gosh! How stressful!!! I’m glad it’s finally done! Have you gotten it back to them? I hope unpacking goes better than driving that darned U-Haul @velociraptor!

We had the truck back by 11:20 am. The important thing for me is that the cat is adjusting well. Now we’re down to unpacking and landlord issues. We’re renting for a year until we can move a manufactured home we own that is sitting vacant to a lot in town. It was more than we could afford this year.

The landlords promised cleaning, painting, and repairs in early July when we signed the lease. Nothing done when we moved my wife’s stuff here from her apartment at end of July. Took us 20 hours straight of cleaning and we couldn’t finish. Landlord promised she would finish remaining cleaning and repairs, didn’t. Our lease specifies that the place comes with Net supplied. There is no Net (I have separate Net installed for my work that I’m using right now). They’ve been promising to get this done since the beginning of July, not done yet. We asked them to remove the washer and dryer that were here so we could use ours back in July and they agreed to it. Couldn’t unload our units last night because theirs were still here.

When we phoned the landlord, she was in the hospital. Lung cancer. Feel bad about that, but we need the stuff that has been agreed to in our lease done. Her husband could have had their kids do it or have hired it out by now.

Very frustrated. I miss my house where I was in control of everything.


I feel for ya,@velociraptor. Getting that powerless feeling because of a negligent landlord is no fun.

That’s tough! And you don’t want to harass her because she’s so sick. I really feel for you. I’m sorry all that happened (or didn’t I should say). I would start calling to say this was supposed to be done while asking if someone else can do it since the landlord is so ill.

Congratulations and good luck with your new place! :house:

I am moving too @velociraptor in two weeks. I need help going down the mountain and packing a couple days before. In your opinion is it best to put things in boxes or garbage bags?