It's happening! 🚚

We moved a tiny bit last weekend, but today we’re doing the bulk of stuff that’s not furniture and then next weekend we’re renting a truck and moving furniture!

We’ve been boxing things up all morning and things are really starting to look empty! I’m so excited and overwhelmed and happy and scared and a million other things. But mostly excited.

We don’t have enough boxes to pack everything, so we have to unpack the boxes and reuse them to transport stuff, but that means we’re just going to end up with a lot of stuff in piles on the floor since furniture doesn’t go until next weekend. That’s what has me the most anxious and overwhelmed. It’s going to be so cluttered and messy.


That’s great! I hope you enjoy the new place. It’s so exciting to get a new place.


I’m excited for you!

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Thanks guys! Depending how it’s going I may post some pictures of the progress.


Dont worry about th cluttered look. It will just be something to switch to in case the board slows

I used my linens and clothing as packing material for dishes, lamps and breakable stuff. It helped things go smoother.

Good luck and rest often!

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Naptime is almost over! As soon as R wakes up enough I need to pack her a bag and then we’ll load the car, take her to stay with my aunt for the afternoon, and start the crazy day off moving boxes!!! Ahhh!!!

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Moving is definitely messy at first. So happy you did find a place. I’m moving little stuff on Thursday and Friday and renting a moving truck for Saturday :grinning:


good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Happy for you LED. I remember moving around 7 years ago, and I got happy. I got a question. Why do women like houses more than men?

You can ignore the question, why do women like houses more than men because I posted that question on another thread. thanks

Congrats @LED!
Good luck with the new place! :slight_smile:

First trip done. Just finished loading the car for the second trip. I’m exhausted. My feet are killing me.


Kitchen counters are packed and living room is filling up. We decided to just call it a day and not do anymore trips even though I want to do one more. Blake is tired and wants to switch which way the fridge opens, so we’re unpacking and doing laundry and that instead. Just means next weekend will be super extra busy.


Every time I hear the channel locks click tight I get nervous and I’m not sure why.

Oof. Only 6:30pm and I’m so wiped out! Tidying up a few things and waiting for the last load of laundry to dry and then we can finally head home! So ready for bed.

Because of the freedom and the quiet and the extrs space.

Most have kids so even a small backyard is a big benifit.

We and our family dont have to tolerate as much noise from nieghbors. Parking is never an issue.

some like to garden or have cook outs or buy a kiddie pool too.

Apartments, on the other hand, we got none of the above.

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