Happy Belated Mothers Day!

I was gone all day, but here’s hoping you guys had some acknowledgement or relief today. Flowers? A card? I know taking care of us is often a thankless job in a way. and often, with too few rewards or progress sometimes… But maybe you got a break today. I got to see my mom today, she was really happy to see me. It pains me to see her grow older. It seems like just a little while ago she was this strong vibrant young person. She’s still strong but her hair is pure gray and she has a cane and she’s slowed way down. Life is cruel. I’ll end this, but I hope you guys are happy and healthy. Good luck to you and your sons and daughters!!
I really appreciate the occasional nod I get from you guys when I say something that helps.


Thank you Nick…My day was just like any other except that my husband bought us deli sandwiches so I wouldn’t have to cook…
On Saturday my mom and dad visited. I took them to Loews where my mom picked out a beautiful hanging plant and I bought it for her and then I treated us all to frozen yogurt. It was nice to be out with my parents. They are getting older and more feeble…especially my mom. It does hurt to see her unable to catch her breath. I found myself wondering if she will still be with us for next Mother’s Day.

Hi Locamotion. My bad. Apologies. I really meant it for the mothers of children with schizophrenia. But I will admit my oversight. Here’s a direct Happy Belated Mothers Day to ANY and EVERY mother on this site.

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Thanks Nick.
Sorry for misunderstanding and usurping your good wishes.

Thanks Nick. I had a good day on Mother’s Day as my son sent me a beautiful card. Receiving something from children is so wonderful.


My sis and I made a lot of side dishes here and then poached a salmon at the parents house so we made lunch without all the mess being in my Mom’s kitchen.

This Mom’s day was odd considering I’ve been using all year to make amends and let her know I’m grateful for all her help and standing by me when I was at my worst.


Thank yoy,Nick!I had a great mothers day!My son was having a good day.He came out of his room+went outside twice,took a shower and cracked a joke that made me laugh.All this would mean nothing to most people,but I know everyone here understands how special it was for me.Glad you got to spend time with your mom!


Happy belated Mothers Day locamotion. Really.

Good for your son.What was the joke? I could use a laugh. And I’m curious.

Thanks Nick!
Wrote my mom a long letter thanking my mom f o r not throwing me out on the street when I was at my sickest. It is only recently that I have become aware of the sacrifices she made for me. I’m grateful for that now. At the time I was oblivious.


That’s very dutiful of you, locamotion.

Hi Nick!I was bringing my son his meds in his room+thought I heard something.I said,"Who is that barking?Is that the dog?"My son said,"Gosh mom,did you expect dad to be barking?!"We both looked at each other+started laughing. : )


Thanks. Well you have to take your humorous moments where you can get them. I was laughing with my boss today. We were talking about HIS boss, Jerry who I like. This guy Jerry is a funny guy. When you talk to him he’s dead serious and you think an argument is coming. But then he will say something funny when you least expect it and diffuse the whole situation. A good guy to be around. It felt cool to get out of myself and my own head, and discuss another person in a positive way.

That’s cool,Nick!There is nothing funnier than someone with a straight face cracking jokes!Life can get way too serious-gotta laugh whenever you can.