Happy Mother's Day

Let me be the first one to greet the wonderful mothers out here.


Thank you. Labor was a bitch.


Ma’s day over here already as we are ahead of the US.

My mums in the wars. Has a pretty serious stage of melanoma and she’s the rock of our rather medium family. I live with mum and dad and help out and it’s a bit more work for dad and I but we’re coping. Anything health wise for mum is serious now so it’s stressful…

But kudos to those who’ve lovely mothers and those lovely mothers I know on these boards!

Much love and respect! You all are so special to your kids and you live on through them whether you realize it or not!

Happy mothers day!


I’m sorry about your mom @rogueone. Sending good wishes to your family.

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Thanks mate. She is a rock and it’s sad we have to deal with it! Pain is under control and that is good and she’s a fighter. I’m lucky to have so many positive female role models in my life. My paternal Grandmother read tea leaves and was a trip…she married my grandfather who had the same birthday. She didn’t tell him she was ten years older than him when they got hitched!

Love my grandma. She was a great human being!


I purchased a gift for my mother, it was a Baltic amber necklace, I thought it was a good gift. Happy Mother’s Day.


I didn’t even know it’s Mother’s day today. Learning things… Happy Mother’s day :slight_smile:

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Here’s to Mom who I’ve put through a lot of crap but has continued to love me anyway. And all the Mothers on the forum who defy the stigma.

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cheers to all the moms aboard. judy

To all the mommies, singles dads, guardians, grandmas, aunties and anyone whose been a mommy for even five minutes this year. Being a mom is a blessing and a tough freaking gig and you’re doing a fabulous job at it!


Good thread.

I want to wish all the mothers on the forum a Happy Mother’s Day as well.

:v: :heart:

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I didnt know today was mothers day… i already celebrated it couple of weeks ago…

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Going to make Mrs. Pixel waffles for brekkie, with bacon. Wanted to top the waffles with mango sauce and whipped cream, but I just discovered that Princess Pixel a.k.a. The Smoothie Monster devoured all of the frozen mango over the past week. Syrup it is!

Oh! I just have to share this:


Mother’s Day funnie!



Bahahhaha I just roared at that one. Too funny.

Happy mother’s day to Mrs. pixel :slight_smile: your breakfast sounds amazing!

Happy Mothers Day! :sunflower::blossom::tulip::hibiscus:

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I have mixed feelings about mothers day…

But to all the good mothers out there happy mother’s day

My brother and my nephew stopped by with flowers for my Mom.
They stayed for a while, it was really nice of them.

I love my Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s day to every mother out there!
I got my mom a nice summertime blouse.

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m getting a visit from my grandbaby and a special sandwich from my son. Couldn’t believe my blessings. I wish my mom was still here so I get her like the bazillionth big coffee cup of her life.

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