Happiness or Money?

I am greedy,i think i want these both.
i asked my girlfriend on the way to a movie,if you can only choose between happiness and money,which will you choose…she told me money,she said if she had money she can help her family and other unfortunate people,she is a helpful and realistic woman

i told her i choose happiness,my reason was if i am happy and i work hard,money will probably come by naturally,i believed this

What about you?

Happiness of course.

Although i can’t eat without money so how can i be happy if i am starving?

Perhaps they are intertwined a bit?

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I’d take the money. As your girlfriend said, you could use the money to help others. I’d choose to do this over my own happiness.

I’ve spent hours on the beach pondering this one time…

Happiness or money… back and fourth… in this day an age… they are intertwined… But the happiness still comes from with in and the money is external.

Happy and kind people will use money to generate more happiness, help others, and if the money runs low… the happy and kind people will usually get help from others.

The unhappy, mean and miserly will hoard money and not use it even for their own enjoyment… There are so many stories of people who are so amazingly rich yet live like their poor because they refuse to spend any money for anything. (My slightly younger brother is who I think about a lot with this)

I used to be eaten alive by jealously of my slightly younger brother… his big but empty mausoleum type house, his fancy car he never drives because he doesn’t want it scratched… his huge boat that he never used and eventually had to sell it because he didn’t want to pay for basic maintenance so it was sinking.

Now I feel sad for him and I no longer envy him at all. He has a job he hates… because it pays really well.

He has a lot of money… his marriage is on the rocks… his kids are afraid of him… he has NO friends… He doesn’t want friends… (they might be after his money) His health is failing… but he won’t go see a doctor… that might cost money.

It’s a very sad situation. He has no balance. He is living completely on one side of the seesaw, and it’s sinking.


Didn’t know this type of people exist…but your his brother,you should strongly assertively advice him to change his life,your his brother I believe you care for him,right?

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if I had to choose to be poor but healthy rest of my life I will choose that, after suffering from mental illness I would find happiness wile I am broke and healthy.


I have 3 younger brothers… this brother (one year younger then me) doesn’t like me, doesn’t listen to me, treats me like I’m an idiot. I can tell him he should change his life… we all do…

He has been cutting off his family… He thinks we might be after his money.

My middle brother and I have patched our friendship this past year, and my youngest brother and I are patching it up as well.

Two out of three is the best it’s going to get for a while.

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I don’t think they are mutually exclusive to having both at the same time. It is a cliche that rich people aren’t happy. That is a myth. All my parents friends were rich (we weren’t) and most of them were very happy and content. Another myth is that money can’t buy happiness. I’m not sure if that is true. When SSDI gave me one check for $12,000 for back pay 12 years ago it sure cheered me up and made me happy. And it took a lot of my unhappiness away. Being poor is very stressful. Owing money is very stressful. I’m not saying I went around with a grin and I was happy all day because of my money. But boy, when the microwave broke and my DVD player broke it sure made me happy that replacing both of them was not a big deal. Not worrying about money brings it’s own special kind of happiness. I’ve had money. And I’ve not had money.It was funner having the money.


Happiness is an aspect of good health. While literally money is just paper, that I would probably use to start a fire. So I could cook a fish that brought me happiness whilst catching it.

Being poor is spiritual for me. I don’t miss riches. I have lived with my wealthy aunt and I visit and party with my wealthy sister but that’s about it. I revel in my poverty. I am still happy.

You CAN eat without money. Trust me. Although buying meat things like that makes it easier. Does money make us less savage? No. Everyone chasing money more more more. While a simpler lifestyle like killing your own wild boars, catching your own catfish, if your good at it can sustain your diet. But not for too much longer, so many people mouths to feed that it is throwing the ecosystem off balance.

I would say that money can buy happiness, but why chose money to spend it in order to be happy when you can just get to the point and choose happiness? Like for example, if I had a ton of money, I would not need to go to school and I sure as hell would not have just read textbooks and a novel for class all day, I would also have multiple homes in different cities and a private jet to just la-di-da do whatever I want and go wherever I want. That would make me happy. But what if I didnt need money to be happy, what if I just was happy?

Yea,I understand what your saying,and I agree to you,happiness and money can both be achieve together

Happiness, i’ll take that. Seeing as I’m pretty miserable these days.

teach me your ways.

can’t buy me love everybody tells me so can’t buy me love no no no no no so you don’t need no diamond ring and I’ll be SAT is fine tell me that you want those kind of things that money just give me a buzz I don’t care too much for money money can’t buy me love

I don’t know the way,I am not one who had succeed in gaining both money and happiness but my parent and my uncle is both am example,I hope I can replicate their achievement,I do not know if I will do that,but I had the chance and will try,both is important,I choose happiness as my piority

I would choose money, because then I could pay back my family for all the help they’ve given me. The medical bills are outrageous as each of me and my sisters have been hospitalized with surgeries in the past year. Older sis nearly died from drowning after a car accident and broke many bones. Lil sis had to have her shoulder fixed from popping it out of socket every other week. And well I’ve been to the hospital 8 times in three months.

So with money, I would first pay off all the medical bills.
I’d buy my mom an inground, heated pool with a hottub, because she grew up poor and this is her dream.
I’d buy my dad a fancy boat to go fishing on with his brother and my cousins and lil sis.
I’d pay for my sister’s college tuition…

And for myself, well I’d buy a new car.

The rest I would use for charities for the homeless ( I have a super soft spot for homeless people as I’ve been homeless for four months myself) and for impoverished countries around the world. I think fresh water and food is a right that everybody deserves.

my happiness would really come from helping others.
I think I would do all the right things with it.

happiness… I’m doing pretty good here without money.

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