The only time I remember having a hallucination was 2 years ago when I thought I was on “Planet Seattle” and it was 10 times the size of Earth with a different atmosphere. I thought I had ‘moved’ (with my super savant powers!) many people I liked to the new planet and their heads adjusted to the atmosphere by elongating. So I was at Starbucks and several people had long heads and ears and it was very REAL! I’ve never hallucinated 3D people or anything and was just curious if any of you have. I have also never had tactile or auditory hallucinations. Is it possible to hallucinate live, actual people that aren’t real? and talk to them and touch them? etc? I always thought hallucinations were either ghost like, tactile or auditory.

I’ve never touched a hallucination. But I have seen real, 3D people. I thought they were ghosts, but they looked like real people. After I was diagnosed, I realized they were just hallucinations. I thought, previously, that I was being haunted.

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That scares the hell out of me! Maybe I HAVE hallucinated! If hallucinations are 3D, how do you ever know if they are real people or not? Do you have to have a witness? To say they can or can’t see and hear them too?

I’ve seen that in both schizophrenia movies, words on bathroom walls and a beautiful mind. In both films the protagonist asks a nearby person if they can see someone to make sure they’re not a hallucination. So I suppose that kind of hallucination is possible.

I personally only ever hallucinated see-through hologram people.


I recently began to have visual hallucinations. It’s been about a week since I last saw one. They looked mostly like shadows passing by in split seconds out of the corner of my eye. Not all at once. At different times. One time I did see a lady at night. It scared the heck out of me. I promptly went inside and turned on the lights. It was just my mind playing tricks on me.

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I once had a pdoc ask me if I hallucinated and I said “No” and he said “If you did, you may not know it.” and I said “How do you know you’re not hallucinating right now?” and he said “because other people see what I see.” and I said “How do you know your validaters aren’t hallucinations too?” and he could only say “Well, I doubt that.”
You get my point though. To the best of my knowledge I have only hallucinated one time. Other than that, everyone see’s what I see and hears what I hear. I can’t ever be sure though, can I?

I’ve had a witness, before. That definitely helps. I also try to think rationally, now that I have insight. Like, if a creepy looking 9 year old girl, who is a stranger, is walking by the doorway… It’s probably not real. Cause that’s not very likely to actually happen. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am in shock that hallucinations look totally real! Like “real” people and “real” things. They have like eyebrows and wrinkles, pores, fingers and toes. I’m totally weirded out. My whole life I thought hallucinations were obvious hallucinations. Thanks for sharing.

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Never had full 3-D people hallucinations. My most vivid one was that the floor of my apt was covered in green vines. Hmm. I get tactile ones fairly often, the exact feeling that someone is standing right near me, but sometimes leaning on my shoulder or most recently grabbing my elbow. Scary.

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