Hallucinations may be caused by our brains trying to 'make sense of the world'

Hallucinations, often associated with psychotic disorders, may result from a natural process used by the brain to make sense of the world, say scientists.

The results of a new study support the theory that many people are close to the edge of this aspect of madness at least.

Visions and sounds that do not exist can be generated by the brain’s habit of predicting what it expects to experience, filling in missing gaps in reality, the research shows.



This is what i’ve believed from the start. Hallucinations are the brain trying to cope with a worsening ability to interpret information. It starts with an over acuteness of the senses, as it becomes too much to process it starts becoming hallucinations. I believe that this is why many drugs cause hallucinations and changes in perception as well


This seems to have little relevance to my visuals, but makes excellent sense with the few auditory hallucinations I have - my brain turns ambient sounds into music. I feel like I trained my brain to do that by listening to music almost inaudibly after bedtime so my mom wouldn’t catch me at it, lol.

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It would explain why stress, crowds, and stimulants all heighten symptoms, though.


It would also explain why certain things become more difficult, like writing, thought, focus, etc…

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As much as Id like to say there is nothing real about voices, they do seem to warn off danger for example.

I feel like I have/had extreme deficits and that I’ve been trying to make sense of the world/reality. I have often felt that I don’t hallucinate and experience the opposite of it–deficits. Things like my vision being messed up/distorted; distortions in space, time, movement, feeling, depth, detail, etc. Maybe it is a hallucination because reality is/was so different. It is/has been replaced by something else.


Yes, that’s true. I guess my auditories are so directly doing just that that it makes it harder to recognize in my visuals, which are more like overheated computer glitches.

the mind is far from as perfect as we like to believe. Consider how a magician can fool his audience. Our mind is NOT the perfect creation. There are limitations and hallucinations could be a coping mechanism. Similar to fever is a way to kill of germs.

That makes alot of sense.

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Yeah, this makes a lot of sense.

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I feel like my delusions stem from trying to make sense of reality, which stems from my visual distortions. Get rid of my visual distortions and get rid of my delusions.

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Wonder what the brain is trying to do when it`s having delusions-paranoia?

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