Hallucinations May Be Caused By a Fold in the Brain


I quote from the article.

Analyses indicated that a reduction in sulcus length by 1cm led to an increased likelihood of experiencing hallucinations of nearly 20%. Plus, sulcus length did not differ between the schizophrenics without hallucinations and the control individuals. This suggests that sulcus length specifically relates to the experience of hallucinations rather than schizophrenia more generally.


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At first ,I do not talking about the anatomical side of this report,but focus on what was said about the hallucinations.
This research like all others in the media, it is an attempt to invention a causality relationship between a changes in the anatomical structure of brain areas and schizophrenia/hallucinations.
It is mission impossible,because the basic problem is that they fail to distinguish between real event of hallucination and the false that be created by their imagination in this research !

All what was said about the “hallucinations” is fatal mistake and must be influence them ability to differentiate between the reality of hallucinations from the misshapen image.

Astonishment,they said “hallucinations have been described as an impairment in reality monitoring” ,although they have poor rudiments information as a result of their monitoring the reality of hallucinations.
the hallucinations is unexampled event in anything/everything ,it is happens Only in all people diagnosis with sz, whereas all human beings without hallucinations are not a part from any experience/study related hallucinations,therefore make a comparison between person with hallucinations and other without is merely a scientific chicanery

It is assumed that,they must talking about the hallucinations towards Single Person with it in full isolation about all other persons with it or/without ,whereas the similarities/ differences or contraries between person with hallucinations and others with or without are aimless/gratuitous and useless in understanding the main data in single sample.

Even that the information that be taken from people without hallucinations have no any scientific value at all because these information are a result of their imaginations-they are eyewitnesses who saw nothing

Second,when they said “schizophrenics without hallucinations”
It seems that they have not real idea about the unity relationship between what is a schizophrenia and what is a hallucination,in reality schizophrenia potential condition and hallucination are the same thing.
Schizophrenia without hallucination is like to say; sea without water, galaxy without stars
,the thing without itself =nothing !
The final recovery from schizophrenia in practice, is the disposal of hallucination from the psychic existence.
In our natural world, schizophrenic person without hallucination does not exist,because sz and hallucination the same thing (single thing)


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If you look at the description of the hallucinations.
They do not describe the actual realities of the hallucination process,instead they have seek to explain it for the public readers through display some known events for the cultural readers (analogical events )
They said “imagine hearing voice that scream”
“suddenly seeing a poisonous snake slithering towards you”

-The above statements is related the Terror Movies and is not alike the actual events of hallucinations,I wander when I read such as this expression in a scientific research,it seems that they really do not know the realties of hallucinations which that be felt by all persons with sz

they said "a sensory event that is experienced as real "
in nature,the hallucination is not sensory event or sensory input , but it is like the sense of self !
in the case if you are a person with sz,you will feel the existential manifest of hallucinations like you feel your sense of self (the sense of psychic existence)
What they said is a misrepresentation for the existential manifest of the hallucination potential state

Regardless they said “but not knowing where it come from” and " despite having no material world cause"
But they ask a question; why some people are more likely to hallucinate ? !


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The brain is a time machine so spiritual voices or visions or any other perceptual experience, could be a fold in time. Traumatic experiences tend to bring out the worst or best in people, despite what position in time they are currently in.


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First of all,
we ask all of you,do you know the real facts of the things be called hallucinations ?
the person who knows the actual facts of the things be called hallucinations,is the man who can describe the essential nature of the sz condition, the existential cause,the functional cause,the mechanism of effect,the reflected reactions (all types of symptoms of disorders/changes ),the interactions between medication and the symptoms …etc

I know,For personal reasons,each one of you want the schizophrenia to be without hallucinations “without hearing voices”,that is to creation a similarities between all mental phenomena,so that anyone suffer from any mental/behavioral changes have the ability to claim that he suffer from schizophrenia !

This dream unable to happen in our real world,because the condition be called “schizophrenia” is the things be called “hallucination”
In other words,the hallucinations is the body substances (existential manifest/raw material ) for the condition be called schizophrenia ,it is the inner structure of the sz condition itself ,add for that when the hallucination become in the stage of action; it causing all symptoms of changes/disorders in all aspects of thought,thoughts,emotion,feelings and the executive behaviors

Therefor,the hallucination is the existential cause and functional cause of the condition be called a schizophrenia ,you cannot separate the schizophrenia condition from the hallucination
It is supposed that, if you say “schizophrenia” you should intend to say “hallucination” ,but all researchers when they say “schizophrenia” they intend to indicate to the symptoms ,add for that they consider the hallucination a symptom of the schizophrenia condition !!!-it is idle gossip

Remember what I say,the term “schizophrenia” is just an optional name to calling a group of symptoms (reflected reactions), like to calling a group of people by term “clan” ,curia,family,society


Very interesting!
The causal connection is presumed, of course. The bidirectionality and third variable problems are just as relevant in neuroscience. Journalists tend to forget that. Scientists too, sometimes. But it does seem very promising nonetheless!


To know exactly the internal logic of the main schizophrenic process.
Answer about the questions;
During the time of schizophrenic process activity
What is happens in the neural pulse during its pathway from the neurotransmitter to the receptor ?
-What is the type of change that has been occurring in the pulse structure/function?
-What is the change that has been occurring in kinetic level of the pulse ?
-What is the nature of change that has been occurring in the cognitive message content which be carried by the neurotransmitter?----critical point

What is mechanism be used to changing the Cognitive Message Content (thought/idea) during the pulse motion between the neurotransmitter and the receptor ?

What is the change,the time and the place of the modification process for the cognitive message content ???
All current theories are not fit to understand or explain one single process (the main schizophrenic process) ,all theories assume that the change is happens by action of abnormal chemical processes which produced by defective gene,therefor all current scientists belief that the change is autogenous ,self-filling,self-acting as a determined result of genetic factor,psychological ,cultural and mental activity ,and this believe from A to Z is irrelevant the actual realities of sz,it is the secret of the frequent failure of all scientific researches !

Because the cognitive change in the personal cultural content (frame/subject) is not spontaneous,
is not developing by self will,self-filling,self-acting or by action of the genetic factor ,but the cognitive change is developing by action of the direct effect of the hallucination activity on each single higher cognitive process be treated mentally,whereas the hallucination is not a natural part from the genetic material or the psychological component of the human being !!

The main problem,all current scientists have not enough information about the thing be called hallucination,therefore they have no real idea about the actual realities of sz event


The bad luck for the individuals with sz is in the cultural insufficiency of the scientists who they are insist to study the facts of Hallucinations by all possible mistakes.
Look at the term “hallucinations”,from all aspects it does not personify the reality of the named thing.

In reality,the hallucinations is true living entity(s) have the full characteristics and capability to acts and behaves psychologically and mentally look like a human beings.
Absoluteness, Hallucinations is a model of the live self in absolute state,it is inhuman ,be alive without needing to biological system background,an independent psychic entity in living state without rooted from biological functions at all ,and have all characteristics to make contact with the human self directly,it is a whole metapsychic creature not from our human world .

Hallucination in reality is just a living self without it have an specific organic body (self no body ), when it existed beside the human self do not causing the biological life (existentially/functionally), but causing an additional psychological life (existentially/functionally) for the human psyche

From specific perspective,you can consider the hallucination as an existentialism mutation+ functionalism mutation be add to the human psyche Without rooted from the factors of genetic mutations

Correctly you can imagine the Hallucination as a new person(s) have different/contrary personal effects/personal property/personage/personal belongings and independent personality About the personality of the human psyche
Remember,the hallucination is existed as a new illegal psyche user(s) be add beside the legal human psyche (inherited),they working functionally by rotation in single brain .
The above is the alphabet of the schizophrenia condition ,whereas the current theories have working outside the box of real schizophrenia,and look to the results of the researches,it is doomed because it is scientific scribble


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