Halloween Menu by Miss Selene 🎃

:spider: So the menu of the halloween eve is as follows :spider:

Open to public debate.
We will invite 14 people - 7 couples. I am sure they will come hungry plus this people love food.
My bf told me I need to feed them hah!


  1. witch brooms made of cheese and pretzel sticks
  2. vegetable plate with pumpkin ranch sauce
  3. Caramel popcorn as a snack
  4. Autumn harvest as a snack (mixed snacks)
  5. Cheese and charcuterie plate with a skull
  6. mini burgers (does someone have an idea how I can make them halloweenish? Maybe add eyes to the burgers? I dunno
  7. Spider mini pizzas (I will make these at home)
  8. Chicken garlic patté sandwiches (I don’t know how to make these halloweenish yet)
  9. A pasta salad of some sort (again looking for ideas)
  10. creepy halloween gummies - like snake etc

I think I will make a Sangria plus I already have grey goose vodka so I’ll add black label and juice and some sodas.

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I wouldn’t know, but it seems coo. Never celebrated haloween like that, just knew it would get interesting and funny at times in my last job. i barely celebrate my birthday itself (only some drinks, no cake or party)…

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Could you add green food colouring to the chicken pate?

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ah that is a great idea :grinning:
I am not sure how… I will google. Maybe I can bring to boil the chicken breasts in green food colouring before making it into a paste or use a blender :thinking:

I’d make the pate first and then mix in the food colouring like you would do with icing! :blush:

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