My Halloween Party

My halloween party is postponed till next year. Our condo is not fixed yet…


It will be fixed by the end of october so I have November to throw a birthday party for my partner.

I will make a feast.


Thanksgiving/birthday party!!! :smile:

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I live in Canada…

I will throw a party for my partner on November 12. He will turn 38.

I will make

  • roast beef, gravy and steamed vegetables
  • rice with shrimps
  • pasta salad
  • vegetable salad
  • cheese pastries
  • stuffed grape vines
  • Hummus ready made
  • Stuffed Chicken
  • some appetizers
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Darn and I had my costume picked out :frowning: Oh wait I was not invited LOL

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Next year buddy

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I just keep reading the menu over and over lol

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I’m gonna throw a feast for him

I would say so, he’s lucky to have such a smart caring woman like yourself.

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You yeah that’s right you live in the country that doesn’t celebrate stuff-your-face day lol but that food sounds seriously amazingg