I will throw a Halloween Party 🎃

I decided I will finally throw the Halloween party this year.

I will wear a zombie bride. I already have a costume, might not fit though… ? I will try it out next week.
I already do face painting, so I’m not sure if I should go for a bloody look or a ghosty look?

I even have a tiara. My bf will wear a suit, maybe I can get some cool tie in orange I guess. I will paint his face too. I hope he will agree lol

So I already have a big box of decoration. I will order some stuff in the next one hour. Rats, etc.
I even will dress the toilet.

I am so excited. I hope I will be capable of preparing everything. :smiley:

By far I am invited 7 couples by far. I think we should fit fine. These are people I am close with actually. Only a few I am not very close. All are couples.

I will prepare the menu and the list… It will be fun.


wow I love Halloween parties !! what cool things you are doing !! I mainly like carving pumpkins in the Fall…that and the cheap candy sales…haha…anyways, good for you !! please post the menu if you can.


Very cool.

My husband and I used to host a giant Halloween party every year, but it started getting a little out of control.

You’d think with everyone getting older, we’d calm down a little bit, nope.

It seems that everyone felt that party was their only night away from kids/spouses so they acted like complete jackasses.

I’m sure having couples will be much more toned down.



Only one friend got on my nerves once. I had invited them for a raclette dinner and chocolate fondue. So by mistake I put the milk more than the chocolate. He was very annoyed at me.

Then I ran into him at a baptism party, even his smile is fake for some reason.

I don’t think the friendship will continue. His wife is a lovely lady though.

congratulations @mermaid1 !!

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people with little kids are like that. They do not get to go away a lot. I know from friends. Even their character changes.

It should be fun… It is my biggest party by far. We only got a place last year and moved in. It is a nice 2 bedroom apartment open concept. So I have space for people to mingle.

I will make a buffet style cold dinner with a lot of appetizers, like caramel popcorn, candy apples, some sandwiches… I am not sure about alcohol yet. The best option is to get 3 boxes of Sangria from costco or I will get some bottles of Gin, whiskey and vodka and beer I guess? I did not research well yet.

Are you gonna throw any party this year? How did your move go?

No party this year,

At least I hope not, I may end up having to host something for my husband’s office.

The move is going well. We finished getting everything in the house yesterday, now I have a mountain of boxes to unpack and an entire home to decorate.

Zombie bride is a great costume.

If I have a party or go to a party, I’m going to be “Attack of the 50’ Woman!”.

You know, wear the skimpy outfit, paint a skyline on my legs, carry a little toy car around like I’m crushing it…

It’ll be awesome.


I hope I will look lovely in my wedding gown. I waited my whole life :joy:

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Halloween is fun! Growing up we used to binge - watch terrible, horror movies and eat as much candy/junk food as possible.

This year though, I’m probably not doing anything exciting. Everyone is grown up now.

Have fun with your party though! Sounds like a cool idea.

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