Hairstyles men

Ayyy dudes. or chicks… LOL

You guys reckon wearing slick back hair. hmm medium to shortish length… to School/College is too flashy?

I used to think that as well, when my well fashionable friends made me get a haircut. i think it was called a side pomp where u hade a side combover where the sides and back hair was shaved short… but yeah…

Reckon wearing slick back is too flashy?

Hair is never the problem. Attitude can be though. No matter what you have on your head if the attitude is not right, then the point of your presence is dead. That comes from experience with myself and other reacting to me and from observing others.

There is such a thing as a moral expert who knows how to “lift people’s value of life.” Those kinds of people can do things to stand out a little above the rest as they are marketing their “unsaid services,” but for some reason when people that are not so expert at these kinds of values, and they appeal to standing out from the crowd, it’s frowned on.

So if you are not a moral expert, then it may be too flashy.

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can you show me a pic on the internet of what you mean?

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Wow how in depth, Kind of just wanted a new style actually. Too used to side pomp or however u want to call it… combover… :stuck_out_tongue:

But i totally get what u mean… which is why i dont really fit the rough spiky hairstyle, i suppose??? LOL

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I don’t think this hairstyle is in fashion anymore. I personally prefer natural hair with no product, because I like the feeling better.

But it’s your hair. Wear what you’re comfortable with.

Legit? i had no idae haha.

I got inspired from my mate in class, always fashionable and like kinda… combed back hair with a little boomf in the front?

like a bump? i dont know HAHA.

Here i bothered to search it… no.9 looks kinda rad.

Maybe it’s just my personal bias. I just love natural hair.

ohhhh, i kind of get you… thing is my hair is naturally thick… and if i dont tame it then… i look like a bush mam, BAHAH x"D

My hair is thick like that, too. I take it by having my hairdresser seriously cut away some of the thickness, using a sleek conditioner in the shower, and blow-drying it. It takes about ten minutes in the morning, and it lasts all day.

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Can i see ur hair? xD

With thick hair, growing it out a bit helps weigh it down. Mine is shaved on one half, and down to my ear on the other half. The shaved half is hassle-free, and the long half responds well to my conditioner.

If I am going through a phase of just projects and few people far in between, I’ll just skip styling, and shave my head down to a one clip. If there are new people around, and they are kind of scrowngy, I’ll grow a hard, long handle bar mustache and fu man chu, and then grow a big beard under it until we all know our places. If I have to go appeal to people for business reasons or for services that I’m needing, I’ll shave off the beard, trim the facial spoilers, and grow out the hair.

I tried the slick back for some time, but it wound up being that I could not add any organic stuff to it. So then it was just long hair all over the place, and wth does that mean. LOL :rofl: Lawnmowers and landscapers come to mind then, so shhhhweet off it goes. But it does make people assume I’m a lot older, and that causes them to behave differently around me.


What style are u like…matching with can i search your style? oO

I think that is a little too elementary school kid being groomed by their parent

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I know right, i always hated getting haircuts…

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This was the picture I gave to my hairdresser. The only difference is my hair is buzzed on the short side, because when it was trimmed it just stuck out weirdly.


Awesome dudes… i hope we talk more stuff like this stuff in this forum (random shizz)… starts to get creepy sometimes… need a mix of other stuff , not trying to be rude, but a happy post sometimes helps or something that makes some1 giggly thats going hardout with voices make my day at least i suppose xD

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