Out of hair ideas. How do you style your hair and how would you style mine?

I’ve had it with my hair.

It’s sooooo long and difficult.

Even worse than getting it stuck in belt buckles and and wet when I try to wash my hands,

I can’t style it anymore.

Nothing looks good.

What styles do you wear your hair and what styles would you do if you had super long hair?


I think that you’d also look great in a shorter bob hairstyle



I’d absolutely love that.

But it’s not easy to cut my hair.

It’s not like made of steel, I mean I have a hard time with the idea.

Not to be all superior,

It does seem like almost all women have like medium to short hairstyles,

I don’t want to be like most women.

My hair isn’t just long.

It’s super long.

I get a lot of compliments and know that it stands out from the crowd.

As much as I think it’d be easier, possibly even look better,

I struggle with it.

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I sometimes put mine in a bun or something.
I feel the same as you.

Let’s see a photo of it.

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My hair is so thin anymore that I have to keep it really short otherwise it doesn’t look very good at all.

What about waterfall braids on the sides that go back into a fishtail braid in the back?

Buzz cut :razor::razor::razor: :smile::smile::smile:

What about a perm?

Come to think of it I’ve never seen anyone with white hair. Might look cool :smile:

You’ve never seen an old man or old woman with pure white hair? Come on! @ThePoet

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