Had to file a claim

So somehow somebody got ahold of my debit card info… even though I have it right here in front of me.

They charged a $100 and something to my account to buy vitamins?

So weird… and annoying. I don’t know how anyone got ahold of my info >_<


I had a “legitimate” gas station who stole my credit card info and make a purchase for $500-900 (I forget) in north Carolina :face_with_raised_eyebrow: a number of years ago.

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that’s a lot of money!


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Yeah I got it redeemed by the bank though!!!


Your card probably got skimmed:

Works on both debit and credit cards.

I’m still fighting with Mastercard over a couple grand worth of fraudulent casino charges put on mine. Some freakin’ online casino in Gibraltar.

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Oh! I forgot about those things :no_mouth:

Sheesh, maybe it was one of those…

Well I called the bank and they cancelled my card and are sending me a new one… so there shouldn’t be anymore charges…

I’m just wondering who would steal card info and spend $100 something on vitamins?!


The first charge is usually one that won’t trigger suspicion to make sure the stolen info is working, then there is a flurry of additional charges to drain the account.


Ahhhh… I see I see…

Makes sense


My brother’s paypal was hacked, there was several transactions of 50-200$, video games, donations to overseas, etc Paypal refunded him and told him to change his password. I was never hacked but I did lose my Visa and debit card once, there was no charges but I still requested new cards.


My ex-roommate stole my credit card info. He charged a motel room and some other stuff. I just reported him to my credit card company and their fraud department took care of it.

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Someone in my family had that happen to them

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I just got a new debit card in the mail, i suspect the bank know more than they are telling me, cause I never ordered a card

someone stole my purse and all my id docs etc they tried to get money from all my debit cards I had like six of them…but they managed to steal about $5 because I wasnt keeping money in the bank…

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