Had another fight

Mother and I have been going at it off and on for a few weeks now.

To list I have left the house twice. Once after she screamed calling me “Psycho” and threatened to call the cops on a 51/50. And again yesterday when she, to prove she wasn’t yelling after she snapped at me, Screamed at me as loud as she could, so I “know what it ■■■■■■■ feels like”.

The instant I even hint that her behavior is hurting me, she turns to anger, threats, and childish tantrums.

All semblance of an adult just vanishes. Her emotional maturity is staggering. And she refuses to hear it.

I think it’s time fiancee and I found another place to stay. I don’t feel safe here. I’ve every door and window locked and blinded, keep hearing bangs from outside, mind instantly goes into panic mode thinking they’re coming in to get me.

Did I mention that my childhood best friend was shot an killed inside his family home due to a psychotic break? Family called the cops to do a wellness check after he had an episode.

He was shot and killed in the hallway leading to his bedroom…

Kind of a sore spot when she threatens to risk that.

Vent over. For now. I’m hurt, and don’t feel safe around my mother.

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Fiancée and I are leaving tonight for a long weekend trip. So we’ll be gone. I can’t wait.

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Are you on meds @Ooorgle?
Are you feeling stable enough?

Sorry had to ask

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Every day at 8am and 8pm. With phone alarms and someone else giving them to me to make sure.

I’m having mild symptoms due to the stress of the fight, I’m sure. But yes I feel stable enough, and feel my insight is on par.

When this all happened, she was on the phone with my grandfather having an argument, when she hung up, I asked why she wasn’t standing up for herself, she yelled at me, I got hurt, told her he actions hurt me, she screamed to prove a point. Then dismiss my feelings as invalid, literally say it’s my fault for being hurt by their callus comments.

Sorry for the long answer.

TLDR: fully medicated, and comfortable with my insight.


Oh I’m sorry you are going through this.
Yeah maybe a break is what you need

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I’m so sorry, man.

That’s a lot to cope with.

Wishing you the best.

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That’s some strong stuff to deal with. I hope you guys can work it out somehow.

Sometimes it can be better to let things slide, if you know there’s a chance what you say will lead to a argument, but I know it’s difficult.

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Better live on your own than with your parents. I am too disabled to live on my own so I am used to take crap from my parents. They already called the cops on me several times but I was psychotic. My voices told me to steal the cops handgun lol


wow, not good. That idea about taking their gun. That could be the last you do. I hope you are able to reason with yourself if something similar happens in the future.

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I was off meds for 2yrs and fully psychotic. It never happens when I am on working meds.

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How are you feeling now?

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Heya. We haven’t had any more contact, I’m just waiting for my fiancée to pick me up.

I’ll live, but things need a change.

Thank you.


im glad things have calmed down
i hope for you things stay calm when you get back home

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