Said I wanted to punch my psychiatrist

I just felt a lot of a tension since a hour ago and ended up saying that I wanted to punch my psychiatrist in front of my mom. She got really upset and asked me why the hell I would say something so aggressive and scary like that.

Of course I would never do it! I just felt tense and I end up saying stuff like that when I feel misunderstood or frustrated. I just really feel misunderstood… I don’t mean to sound dangerous or like a monster… I’m near to tears right now.

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I’m sorry you are going through all of this. I’ve done all sorts of things when I was having problems, even throwing a half-ass punch at my dad when I was drinking and he yelled at me for being too loud. It happens, it sounds like you were just frustrated, it doesn’t seem like you’re actually gonna do it. You said it. Hope your mom doesn’t stay upset for too long. Peace.


You arent a monster everyone gets angry and frustrated and tense. You have no intention of actually doing it and that’s what matters.


some psychiatrists deserve to be punched actually, maybe it would knock some sense into them so to speak.

just trying to be a funny harmless reply! maybe i failed :pensive:. anyway you didn’t mean it so you shouldn’t feel too bad. also your mom may have overreacted.


I’m sorry to hear you were frustrated @anon30470407. You command excellent English language, where r u from?

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No your reply is hella funny and relatable! xD I don’t feel too alone now that I know someone feels similar feelings. Thanks for that^^ yea i think she overreacts a lot to my comments and actions. I think parents have a hard time understanding their sz kids. i wouldnt even harm a fly! (no seriously, bugs creep da heeeell outta me so I really really can’t harm one, ever lololol)

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Thanks for your supportive reply. Oh, and thanks for complimenting me on my English. I’m glad it’s not getting too worse. I’m from Japan but I lived half of my life in the US. Probably that’s why I’m pretty decent lol :grin:

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