Had a productive day yesterday

It was my day off. I got up at 7:30 am for my doctors appointment for my back. So I drove for 25 minutes to get there and when I got there and they tell me that they signed me up for the nutritionist instead of the back doctor by mistake. They made me a new appointment for later that day at 12:20. I came home and called my insurance company and had them transfer my car insurance from my old car to my new car. Then I called my towing service and did the same.

Then I fooled around on the computer and then I went to my doctors appointment. I talked to the women doctor, she told me some stuff about my back. Then I headed over to the clinic for my support group. I had time so I stopped at Jack-in-the-Box and drove thru for lunch. The group lasted an hour. I talked more then just about anyone. There was a new women there, a busty good looking 50 year old blonde who looked like she was in her late thirties. She seemed nice, I talked to her a little. Afterward was my psyche doc appointment. The guy actually helped me today! Gave me some good advice about my living situation.

I came home and called my mom who’s very sick. But she’s doing better. And being the way she is, she didn’t want to worry me about her condition so she kept asking how I was doing instead and she tried to help me.

Anyway, I had a little energy so I drove 5 minutes to Safeway and picked up a cutting board, a measuring cup and some trash bags. I came home for dinner and cooked some steak and vegetables. So this was my day. It didn’t even seem like I did that much while I was doing it.


Glad you had a good day, I stayed home and did nothing. Today will be more productive.

Good luck today.

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Very cool… I’m glad the new place is working out of you.