Got a lot accomplished today

Made a raft of phone calls. Went for walk. Drove through Wendy’s with a coupon for chicken nuggets.

Did a bunch of dishes and took my blood pressure and called my step-mom who’s recovering from knee surgery. She’s in pain but the surgery was a success. I feel like I could have done more though.


Sounds a productive day. Not a bad thing to relax after a job well done so allow yourself those simple things. Keep on keeping on.


Glad to hear you’re doing well @77nick77.

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Thanks @rogueone and @eighteyedspy23.

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busy day i think… it’s impressive that you get through your day like that… so don’t worry about it, you can always do more but it’s a gift to know when you did just enough without going over your limits.

also all the best to your step-mom with the surgery =)

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