I’m pleased with myself. I drove downtown to the bookstore and bought a calender, the kind with the extra big grids for all my appointment’s and stuff. I went for a walk, and to the drugstore for a coke. And finally I made a batch of cookies to give to my neighbor, the sweet old lady two doors down. Came home and played with the dog. I’m watching her for my sister while she is in Mexico. A relaxing day. What did you guys do today?


I helped my brother work on a car and then went to hang out with a friend. He’s an old drinking buddy and I turned down alcohol when I was there, that’s a first in about 18 years of hanging out with him. The peer pressure wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. He just said it was weird, which kinda pissed me off.


I got up early enough to go for a long swim and then I took my sister’s water exercise class. We stopped by the hospital and dropped off a card a few books and some warm socks for my youngest brother in rehab. He wasn’t able to see us. So I just left the package with the nurse.

Went out to coffee and then we played some Frisbee in the rain. Checked out our favourite used bookshop and found a book I like. Came home and read while the kid did some holiday baking and gave away some cookies as well. I ate three gingerbread bats. :smiley:

We kicked it at home for a while until we went to the parents for dinner. After we drove around and looked at the holiday windows and lights downtown.


good for you for turning down drinking. It’s hard when you get with old drinking buddies. It’s not always as easy as it sound, not drinking.
Congratulations. :thumbsup:


Woke up late, got some coffee from my dear husband, baby’s at his grandma’s for the weekend so I lingered a bit more in the bed. Got the dog out, started cleaning the house a bit with my hubby, get it ready for next week. Now we’re working on one of our websites.

We’re atheists so we don’t prepare for holidays, also we avoid buying stuff because of a marketing campaign or other and this time of year things are hyper-marketed, if you know what I mean. We keep our life simple, so the holidays are every good day we have. We seem to be having a good day. :smile:


That sounds wonderful, the fact you did not get influenced by the peer pressure. Your friend has to adapt to your needs if he’s a real friend, you are in your rights to be angry at him for his attitude if he maintains it.


Nice, I’m happy that you’re getting along with your neighbor :slight_smile: , I’m happy for you that you’re enjoying your time…
personally I don’t really like the special occasions, they are mostly boring for me.


I went to the woods today I love it there theres a little cut out bit where there is a log to sit on and smoke and listen to the birds then I came home cleaned a lot and snuggled up to the dogs