A better day

I saw my Act team dr. today- we talking and they agreed to keep me on olanzapine at 10 mg nightly.plus they also agreed to let me have some dosage of Trazodone for anxiety/sleep. I had been afraid the appointment wud be too early for me to get to, as i have lately taken a number of naps in the morning with Olanzapine. I found that i Dont like alcohol much any more now that ive switched from risperidone and that likely is a good thing- cant afford it much.i felt quite well, yesterday as i told my dr, today. Glad things are looking better for now. :slight_smile:


Iā€™m glad you made your appointment.

Sounds promising. I have been on 10mgs of zyprexa for over a decade. It works really well for me but I do live as low stressed as I can!

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