Ha! Ha! Ha! I feel good!

Slept 11 hours. Filled with dreams not nightmares. This is great! A little sarcosine added to mix. Meds recently upted to 400mg of Wellbutrin, 5mg of haldol and 300mg of lithium. Anyone have a working recipe?


I’m glad you’re feeling good :smile: It’s a good end of the year.

I can feel your joy.

Getting rid of melatonin mostly fixed my vivid nightmares, which were horrible. (Thanks for the tip @mortimermouse.)


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Yes, yes it is. I have so much energy this morning I am even considering doing housework. :laughing::smiling_imp::laughing:


:smile: good I feel pretty great today too

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Great! What’s your recipe?

For me it’s 5mg Abilify for dinner

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