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How are you doing my beautiful friends? I haven’t been around much, a lot is going in my life, I haven’t been reading any posts either.

I’m doing much better than before, working from home, dieting, exercising daily, taking sarcosine and listening to music.
Yesterday I had a new Doc’s appointment and he prescribed me a new med called Epival. It’s used to treat Bipolar, even though I’m not bipolar, I have a lot of ups and downs with anger, resentment, ugly memories and obsessive thought disorder. We’re gonna try it for a week then I will do a blood test and see him again to see if there’s an improvement.

On a different note, I registered for a professional makeup course in a very hip salon in downtown, and I’m starting in a couple of weeks. It’s exciting and I hope I have some talent to use with the techniques I will learn.

Last night we booked tickets to Punta Cana for a 7 day all inclusive vacation with a group of friends, I’m excited and looking forward! It’s gonna be fun. I’m doing well altogether and hope it’s only gonna get better from here :o)



Glad to hear everything is going great! A big hug to you honey!

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Mini where is Sarad?

There were some issues going aroung on the forum and she decided to suspend herself until may.

Hi bug :smile: nice to see you.

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Heyo glad to hear you’re doing well. Tomorrow at this time I’ll be in Chicago. You know walking through parks and ■■■■.

Glad to hear from you!

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You sound great, @sleepybug! This place is always brighter when you drop in :sun_with_face:

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