Checking in and update

Hey guys, was wondering around the internet not knowing what to do lol I’m doing good, ups and downs, mostly ups which is always fun. Hope you guys are alright, and hello new members that I haven’t met!

Started a new therapy, Internal Family Systems. Pretty great for trauma, and everything else really. Finished CBT and my therapist thought it would be a good idea. Started in February or March, I don’t remember… Making great strides in getting better. Some hiccups along the way but nothing I haven’t been able to handle. Mostly cognitive issues and a big depressive bout about a week or two ago. Handled it in therapy, and I’m good now.

I’m on a below therapeutic dose of my antipsychotic and I’m doing great, not one psychotic thought (no grandiose delusions, still not god) it just acts as a mood stabilizer, and just enough of another mood stabilizer not to bring about mania, although it does very little for depression.

Still working at the Airbnb apartment, some good guests some not so good ones, a bit tireing when they come in for two days each, means a lot of cleaning the whole thing in just a week but I’m handleing it pretty well.

All and all, I’m good. Just wanted to check in with you guys.

:rainbow: :heart:


First one to like your post and reply!!

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Heeeeeeeey Andrey :smile: How have you been doing?

Getting better myself. It’s a slow and painful process.
You are like a rolemodel for me, the way you handle you recovery, while taking time to help others too, is very inspiring.
Keep rocking, guapa !!

Ah, thanks. Glad to be helpful in someway.

Glad you’re getting better, it is slow as hell.


Sup minii…i like ur progress in life…have a great day ahead…

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hi! It’s nice to meet you. I’m glad you’re doing so well in therapy

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Hey far_cry :slight_smile: A big hug to you, hope you’re doing well.

Nice to meet you @tera :slight_smile:


“Minnii was here” !!! :portugal:

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Hey minnii! Glad to hear things are going well!

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Thank you all, you’re very kind and I’ve missed you :blush:

See you all in a few months :sweat_smile:


Glad to hear from you minnii! It’s good to know that things are going well for you. I always feel a great respect for people who can work with this illness dogging them.

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Heeeeey Minnii! I used to be @chrishasheart. I’m unsure if you remember me. But I’m very happy to hear you’re doing well :smile:

Take care.

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@Minnii @Minnii @Minnii =^o^=

So happy to hear from you :o)

I wish you well!!! Glad things are looking up!

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Thanks for checking in Minn Minn!!

You’ve been missed! Take care of yourself!! :slight_smile:


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Yes, thanks for checking in @Minnii!
Glad your doing well! :slight_smile:

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You’re missed and thought of often, @Minnii! I’m glad you’re doing well. Sounds like a pretty stable existence you have going there, so that’s great! Glad therapy is going well too!
Hope things continue to go well and that you have more good days than bad. :heart:

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