Guys Do You Think Society Limits Your Sex Life Because of Your Illness or Is It Just An Issue a Matter of Upbringing

I once was in a Men’s Support Group where they taught us a theoretical way to talk to women. I noticed that guys from richer backgrounds like me said things when asked if they met a woman before like, "No I have no car, live with my Mother, no place of my own, job, ect. while guys from poorer backgrounds said “yes I’ve had a girlfriend.” Granted I’ve seen some pathetic men with girlfriends who couldn’t read or write, had no job, no car, but had a way with women. So it can happen I guess. I also have heard of women who wanted little more from a man (or appeared too) than a child. In the case of a schizophrenic man she’d be ignoring that 10% of her offspring having what is a horrible disease at least for the first few decades and going with the 90% probability of something else happening.
I have received pressure from my family to not reproduce, and have received drugs that have nearly destroyed my ability to have sex. In this group home we have had a no visitors policy after the pandemic has greatly faded away, and we are allowed to be picked up only by family. I agree that under the conditions I live in I could not raise children the way I want to no matter what I try to do so I am slowly getting used to it. Still it bothers me some that I no longer have any women that I obsess about because such a relationship appears impossible, and even the idea of doing it with an woman who doesn’t want kids or is infertile seems unlikely due to the restraints of the rules I must follow with SSI as I can’t contribute much. Once again my “values” get in the way as I see it as a relationship of dependence.
I had opportunities in the past as a few women have offered things but I’ll never know how they would have felt when the details on how in the World a date could occur became apparent. I have seen other disabled guys who lost their girlfriends over money issues, or once they had “what they wanted from them” presumably, but I’ve also heard of relationships lasting forever. What are your thoughts on this.


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I think sz/sza is a big obstacle for men looking for relationships, but not so much for women.

I see lots of schizophrenic women getting married. I don’t see the same in men. Probably because society sees men as the breadwinners and they need to be equipped for that, whereas women can give birth and look after the children without a career.


The stats generally also suggest this. That men are less likely to be married if affected by schizophrenia


And if someone wants to share their personal views on sex or dating it is often alright. As long as it isn’t too graphic or offensive or abusive.

Sort of the illness, sort of society but also due to myself.

Basically, I do not like lubrication products.

I do not like contraceptive methods.

So kind of screwed.

But if there was a contraceptive method I’d approve of I might still not, be interested in sex.

That part is personal…

I don’t like a guy’s bodily fluids in me. It makes me really worried. And then plus that worry makes, me worry i’ll get psychosis. What is in those bodily fluids? I’m thinking.

That’s why I don’t like any form of unprotected sex. Not even kissing.


So I think that’s me, and I guess upbringing shapes who you are, aswell as the illness. Because it influences decisions of mine.

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