Grousing about women

I realize some of my behavior is offensive and can’t be excused, but I would like to put some perspective on it. There was this girl at school who hung around outside my door in the dormatory and ran me down for two semesters. She was plain looking, and I think her real problem was that she was very frustrated because she wasn’t a diva. She went around being all bouncy, but some guys regarded her with scathing contempt, probably because she had a mean streak in her. There were a couple of girls who seemed very hostile to me, and one time I was on the elevator with one. Then this frustrated girl got on the elevator being all bouncy. I kind of involuntarily winced when this happened, and the girl who had been hostile towards me acted like she was scandalized that I would do that. But to put this in better perspective, one time I was talking to this guy in the cafeteria. He pointed at this girl who was sitting near us and said, “Look at that. Isn’t she ugly.” She was in easy hearing range of us. I said, “No, she wasn’t.” I’ve heard other guys say “she’s ugly” about a girl within easy hearing distance of her. Those guys were doing great with the girls. I realize that the bottom line with some girls is what kind of a car a guy has, and a guy shouldn’t expect to get women just by being “nice”, but I have to wonder about all these girls who were scathing towards me because I was so self conscious.

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who knows why women do some of the things they do…

I’ve never met an ugly woman.

I love children, and I see the little girl in every woman I meet.


Sometimes we do things for attention. Ie I was a really good singer in college so to get this guy to like me I sang in front of him

Every little girl has Barbie and Ken dreams

But me, I gave up on love long ago. I’ve never been able to b with the man I wanted

Ditto the girl of my dreams is idk

Judging from some of the reports I’m getting about the relationships people have been in, it is better not to try. I don’t know. I’ve seen good relationships where the people in them were nourished by them, but I think I have seen more bad ones.

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@jukebox, You also have to wonder why men do some of the cruel things they do too. Like calling women “ugly” within their hearing distance. Talk about “scathing!”

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That’s just beautiful, @PatrickT.

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I think women see beauty with their heart where as men see it with their eyes. It’s not a put down. We’re just different

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I see beauty with both my heart and my eyes. I’m capable of both. So that if a woman doesn’t have physical beauty, I look for it in her heart.

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Some guys do that almost as sport. They love to do that. I wouldn’t want to be that kind of guy.

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Good for you, @crimby.

Guys may beat you up physically but girls will beat you up psychologically. There’s a lot of jokes about it. I think Louis CK did a skit. There’s a lot of guy a-holes out there who will beat you up just because. Same thing there’s a lot of girl a-holes who will beat you up psychologically just because. It’s all about learning how to find good people and surround yourself with them, guy or girl.

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Sometimes the people who look the most alluring in their lifestyles are the people who are the worst.

True, it can be tricky sometimes to find the right folks. It’s a learning process and like most learning processes it can suck a lot of the time.

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