Group therapy have you tryed one?

i find them very helpful, i learnt quite a bit, i find them interesting

Never had it. Not sure i could cope with it. Glad it helps you.

There has been much group therapy in my life. Some groups and facilitators have given me good connections and some valuable education. Some of the others… not so much.

I never been in a therapy, i think therapy wont do any good on my wondering mind.

In the past a lot of group therapy, unfortunately, it was when I was very shy.
It helped to hear about others with the same kind of problems.
After a few years, It just got old hearing the same problems over and over, to depressing, feeling like I fell into a quagmire and couldn’t reach the edge to get out.
Time to move on, only nothing to move on to.

Yes, I’ve tried it in a few settings. I found myself internalizing other people’s suffering to the point that it made me physically ill. If I have to do it again, it will not be of my own volition.

I tried one at the VA. I was by far the youngest guy in the group and it seemed to increase my anxiety so I decided to stop going. Group therapy has never been appealing to me. I hear it’s often a bad idea for people who get paranoid easy.

I tried it once. it was a the beginning of my mental health problems. They put me in with a lot of bipolar people and i didn’t fit in. Some of the girls were kind of mean to me. :frowning: The therapist was really nice but i felt out of place. The next time i went there they diagnosed me right and i was in with the schizo people and it was better.

Yea, there are a lot of bipolar support groups in my area. One group accepts those people dxed with schizoaffective disorder as well. But because it is primarily a group for bipolar, I doubt that there will be others dxed with schizoaffective.
I am reluctant to go because I don’t know how I will fit into a bipolar support group.
There is one schizophrenia group, but I was told by my doctor it is for patients transitioning out of a hospital, they are very low functioning - whatever that means.

It takes a strong group leader to make group therapy work. Without one, you end up having someone go on for half and hour talking about their dog, their breakfast or how their mom annoys them this morning. These people need redirected to better topics. A strong group leader will do that.

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