Group and therapy today

I had group today everyone loved my new shoes by the way. And we discussed internet safety.

Therapy went well. We discussed my symptoms and my relationship with my in laws. My in-laws are incredibly reckless with money as soon as their bankruptcy was done then they got three car loans, 5 credit cards and a bunch of lease it furniture. I discussed these concerns with my therapist especially when they haven’t made the house payment yet it’s only 300 dollars a month.

Anyway my mother in law feels that I need to stop taking some or all my medication. My therapist strongly disagreed.


Since when has your mother in law become an authority with respect to sza treatment??!
They can’t manage their own sh!t.

Trust your medical team. They have your best interest in mind.

Oh and what about moving out with your partner??

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I’m looking honestly but with money always going to them it’s hard to save up. My partner has sworn off loaning them money.

My mother in law thinks meds I take are useless and just do nothing but make me worse or act different. She doesn’t tell herself to stop taking all her supplements and meds or her son to not take his meds. Because their meds are for physical ailments. Mental illness is seen as a hocus pocus thing I guess

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They are toxic people.
They are as bad for your mental health as the illness itself.

Try explaining that to your case manager? Your partner may chime into the discussion too. Maybe they can come up with a solution?

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My partner has no interest in meeting my case manager. I think she feels it’s encroaching on her responsibilities

When it comes to meds, your best chance is to trust mental health workers who have gone to college and earned degrees in the psychology field. NOT people who have no training or degree or experience in the mental health field.

On a positive note it’s good you went to your group… It’s good that you got out of the house for awhile and that you were exposed to other people instead of being around just your toxic in-laws so much.

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I had fun in group today ate lunch with everybody just had muffins though. I got nominated to stock the fridge with soda and I did. But I got soda for .25 cents and a coffee free

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Sounds like a good group.There’s nothing that says schizophrenics can’t enjoy themselves at something.

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